Friday, 4 August 2017

Security Breach??

An old man appears on the doorway, and he wants to sell chili. It was surprising that the moment the door was opened he was inside the house. It had been quite some time when such things were done. It is a Bhutanese culture to come inside and talk when the door is opened. Only when the old man did that, I realized the fading culture of coming inside or welcoming the person inside, be it stranger.

The western, cautious culture of seeing from the security peep hole or putting the safety chain and talking to the person waiting outside keeping the door ajar, had already become an acceptable trend, whenever the door bell is rung.

We have changed. The society had changed. It is only when people from villages drop on your doorway you realize the changes and the stranger stands out like a sore thumb in the eyes of the children who had not seen such things. Those were the days when dog did not eat dog. It was never required to be wary of the fellow countrymen.

Though I had bought enough supply of chili, two kilograms of chili were bought as he was threatening to give one kilogram free when I was buying only a kilogram. By the physical appearance and dressing, he wasn't looking affluent yet such generosity can be expected from only the endangered species of the Bhutanese.

He was looking frail but not tired. He was looking poor but not hopeless. He was looking just like our fathers and forefathers. He said that he was from Baylangdra which is quite far. He cannot reach back to his home in the absence of private car. But I could not and did not offer him the shelter for the night, and feel terribly sorry for not asking. The cautiousness and being wary of the stranger had set in.

I know I have been infected and changed like all the other fellow beings. The carpeted, varnished and polished floors inside the house are much hinderance for welcoming as much as a stranger with ill intentions.

Nothing was breach of security for that old man. He remain as pure as the surrounding from where he was coming from. The innocence, the humanity and the pureness might be misconstrued by those who had not seen the past. (Saying just like that)