Friday, 11 August 2017

After 8 years to Shaba # RBA

The changes and the improvements in the landscape and the surrounding can be seen when you visit a place after a long break. I happen to visit RBA Shaba campus after eight years and the direction in which the organization is moving can be seen from improvements in the infrastructure especially, the mess.

There used to be a simple elongated mud wall house as mess, before. The short stone walls all around served as a boundary wall. It exemplified the humility as well as destitution of the organization. We chose to believe the earlier one rather than the later one. However, it did not lack the warmth and the air of the mess. So many parties and so many events were organized there.

Now, as I entered the wing, firstly the gates with huge walls declaring the morale of the wing with immaculately dressed guards greeted the sight. Little further up, what used be a waste land with one huge water tank was converted into a beautiful flower garden with no trace of the ugly water tank.

Right after the first turning a concrete building with huge and dark windows, within the boundary fence made of iron rods, welded into traditional Tashi tagay shapes and appropriately painted with just two colors - black and yellow, pleased the visual senses. It somewhat, gave the feelings of awe similar to entering the Mhow cantonment. It filled me with pride belonging to the organization that is moving forward in leaps and bounds.

I hesitated to enter the mess initially, thinking that it must be a mistake. It was too grand too futuristic in design and presentation. The fittings and rooms - just royal! The organization is moving towards the right direction with the guidance of the great leader.

Mess really is the window to showcase the values, morale and esprit de corps of the unit. It is a place where brethren from other units were entertained and hospitality extended. Shaba mess succeeded in arousing the feelings of awe to the visitors. The feelings of "yes-we-too-can" of the Organization in general.

I am just amazed by the state of art mess and mesmerized by the design and the fittings. To take care of it and to improve upon it, however, remains the responsibility of all of us who may be availing the facilities.