Sunday, 23 July 2017

Swifter decision led to swifter mistake

When I parked my car for a short break on the way, a white metal on the tyre caught my eyes. It looked like a thumb pin, that we used to put on our shoes during our school days. Only when I tried to pluck it out, I realized the length of the metal that pierced the tyre.

I remembered seeing a news where an arrow hit a person and that person being taken to the hospital, without taking out or disturbing the projectile, perhaps trying to stop him from bleeding to death. I did not try to take out the nail out of the tyre, fearing the tyre breathing out to flat. I reached my destination without flat tyre but the nail in my tyre nagged me more than the tyre.

Next day when I mounted my car on the dock at the workshop, I was greeted with another bad news. The rear shock absorber was smeared with oil and that oil was covered with paste made of dust mixed with oil. It was the sure sign of leaky hydraulic oil from the shock absorber. I wanted to change it immediately but the spare part was not available. I placed a demand for the spare part from Thimphu. Even though there was no queer noise of weird feelings while driving, I did not like the fuzzy look of the shock absorber.

When the car was mounted again on the dock, after three days, to change the greasy, fuzzy, dirty and soiled shock absorber, I realized the reason, responsible for its dirty looks. The memory of spilling the engine oil form the jerry can in the dickey of the car and the oil running down along the rear shock absorber to the ground, came flashing back. The flashing back of the memory was too late. I had a new shock absorber in hand and the other was in the process of removal. I was shocked. I would have liked to have a shock absorber for myself too. I had to take another decision fast.

I took out the soiled but perfectly okay shock absorber and installed a new one. I accepted the mechanical charges and the cost for new shock absorber as a punishment for swift decision based on wrong judgement. And to remind me of the blunder I have a old shock absorber, clean and sparkly, kept at home ready to be installed, just in case.

I could have cleaned and reinstalled the old one, and given the new one, back (provided they took it back), but I did not want to trouble the store who serve the customer by making the spare parts readily available from foreign countries.

Rear shock absorber for Santa Fe 2005M, anyone???