Wednesday, 19 July 2017


Salutes is a military is way of wishing each other. The junior salutes the senior and the senior returns the salute. It is as simple as that. 

Then - I watched the dance competition show in TV and there, when it was appreciated beyond normal level, the judge gets up and gives a salute. This indicates that when you appreciate someone beyond normal level you salute. It is like saying -'I appreciate you for what you are and what you do sir.' 

When we receive salutes in the morning while going to the office, if we take it as the sign of appreciation, it would motivate and encourage us to put in more effort for the very people who looks up towards us and be worthy of a person to receive a salute. 

We may be earning less in terms of monitory benefits but we earn at least hundreds salutes per day. Every salutes was ingrained with innumerable days of drill periods during the training periods. It comes naturally for a person who had undergone that drill. 

When a young girl asked an officer how much he earns per month.

He replied, "I earn at least couple of thousand salutes per month."😀😀