Monday, 1 May 2017

Lesson from DMS Boot.

‘Directly Molded Soled’ Boot, some say.
And some say ‘Durable material sole boot’.
It is a favorite boot for my foot,
Initially by default and later by choice.

The cushion or sponges it had none.
Neither interior linings nor coatings,
But the leather directly molded to the rubber sole.
Fit, only for the soldier’s foot.

One size the less or one size the more,
Would make the sole sore.
Until foot and the DMS strikes the balance,
And not for eternity.

Proper size of DMS, or not,
Fit the foot snugly, not.
Battle needs to be fought.
Between the boot and foot.

Winning battle with numerous blister.
DMS hugs the foot’s contour.
A custom made shoe just for you,
The seams flattened, the leather softened.

The boot teaches the soldiers,
About the initial discomforts
To toil and to be resilient,
To persevere and to overcome.

The boot shines more with more use.
Softer it becomes with epoch.
Every wrinkles, every furrows
Matches that to the foot.  

My Favorite was a size smaller.
24X7 continuity of wear maintained,
By inserting beer bottle at night.
Now, it fits my foot like a second skin.

Custom made it was,
With blister and bruises.
My gaits and paces - it changed,
Until it became like a second skin.

It will be traded with nothing
No, not even Hush Puppy, Puma or Nike.
Nor Adidas, Reebok or Clarks.
Nothing can match the comfort,
Made by your own effort.

Comfort follows discomfort,
And aches don’t last forever.
Either you get used to or win the conflict
A life’s lesson subtly taught.
That too by a simple Boot.