Saturday, 13 May 2017

Bhutan and United Nation Mission.

We were envious when other were nominated and started going for the UN mission abroad. It was thought that it must be like a holiday. Seeing new places and flying across oceans and lands that was seen never before. The payments that they get in terms of dollars and all the good thing that they might enjoy were the only thought that runs in the minds, until your turn comes to go for the mission.

The perspective changes there after. Not considering having to stay away from your family for one long year, there are immense responsibility to shoulder. The image of the organization and that of the country lies on you. You require good wishes and prayers from all, instead of envious look and feelings.

There are new culture to get adjusted to, different laws of the land to follow, different organizational culture and to deal with people from various countries being an organization of the world. Just as we, assessing the behavior of the whole country based on the behavior and capability of one officer, they would be doing the same. The mission suddenly becomes not a joke or holiday.

United Nations pumps in money not just like that. If troops were deployed they must be deployed for a reason. There would be risk. Peace keeping is not an easy task. It is even tough to separate just two fighting men. When whole country is involved, and when UN is involved, we can just imagine the task.

The task, the history of the mission, its mandate and the mission statements are imperative to be known. Besides the official requirements of the mission, personal administration and logistics would be hard to be known, if your fellow countrymen had not gone before. The shot in the darkness and the difficulties faced by the Trail Blazers can be comprehended only when your turn comes. Despite that most of the officers from Bhutan had done well and came back safely. Salute to all of them.

Serving in the UN mission would help in broadening the thinking tunnel ummmm.. horizon of the officers besides financial benefits. Somewhere I read, 'No classroom can provide the knowledge that you gain by traveling.' Some of us are flying for the first time and perhaps seeing ocean for the first time. But equipped with virtual knowledge and English language (the legacy of the far sighted Father of Modern Bhutan - The Third King) we will not be lost.

Traveling alone teaches more lessons than traveling in group. Once, at Delhi international airport, I was jittery traveling by air. As I waited in the concourse, I saw a young girl, barely in her teens traveling alone, asking and inquiring from counter to counter, trying to muster as much confidence. This inspired me to be stronger and bolder. But I reserved extending my help as it can be misconstrued, so I just watched her in appreciation. I appreciated her parents' guts, in training her young.

The ball had started rolling. The commitment had been made. As small as it may be, Bhutan is recognized as an independent country. The contributions to the UN mission is the solid confirmation. The enhancement of the perception of our beautiful country lies on each one of us, who would be going, in person, to serve in UN Missions. 'One good deed of a Drukpa would be a giant good deed for the drukpa kind.' Hmmmm..