Sunday, 21 May 2017

Allergies and Trees

The cypress tree which was not so huge but it must have taken couple of years to grow that big, was being felled. It must have been watered and cared for till it could survive on its own.

Now, the axe fell on it. As I watched from the balcony of the guest house, couple of men chopped it without any remorse. What do they know about the environment, the amount of effort involved to make that tree grow and how it provided shade and how it helped in breaking the speed of the strong wind.

It was found to be producing pollens, that caused 'deadly disease' according to them, but actually it caused allergies to some people. They were just following orders. If one google it up, one can find that maple and pine trees causes allergies to some and even oak trees causes allergies.

Due to the idiosyncratic nature of humans, some are allergic to eggs, some to certain drugs and some to nuts. We cannot ban eggs and abolish all nuts because of this reasons. Can we? Then why trees are felled. I do not know about the proper research that was done, neither does the people chopping with the axe. For them the tree causes a deadly disease. And truly, for some allergies could be deadly.  Once, I saw a child's face swell after consuming the ground nuts. One must know what one is allergic to and avoid that stuff. But one cannot wipe out the stuff from the face of the earth. But that  was exactly what those men were doing, that day.

One of my friend is allergic to UV rays, and it gives severe rashes on her body if it is exposed to direct sun light. The cause of the rashes was known only later in her life. Before that scratching was the only solution she had. The sun cannot be removed because of couple of people were allergic to its rays. Therefore they must avoid direct exposure to sun and put on enough sun screen cream or wear full sleeved clothing.

If it it not realized earlier, today the cypress trees would be gone, tomorrow the poplar trees, thereafter pines and oaks and eucalyptus.

Allergies depend on the personal idiosyncrasy of the individual. I sneeze every morning and get runny nose, if the cure is to eliminate the cause by chopping down the trees, I do not wish to know what is causing that allergy..