Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Spring at Wangdue

Experiencing spring yet again,
But at a new place.
Where the flowers bloom,
And the new buds shoot.

The same rule of the season,
Followed by the plants meticulously,
In perpetual cycles
Again and again

The sudden rise in temperature,
However, is not experienced.
The ceiling fans still lie idle.
Even at the dawn of the summer.

The accommodations having served,
To many occupants - therefore aging.
The fan’s speed is either:
Zero or full throttle.

The rain falls, in a discipline manner.
Unlike the downpour, down south.
Clarifying the difference between
Shower and a rainfall.

The rising temperature,
Gets moderated by the rain.
Making me pack and unpack,
The winter clothing.

Except for the punctual afternoon wind,
Swishing past the Cyprus trees.
Making them take a deeper root,
And bow towards the north.

The spring at Wangdue Phodrang,
Is wonderful, with flowers and leaves,
Swaying in the wind with nectar intact.
For bees get wafted away,
By the strong afternoon wind.