Sunday, 5 March 2017

Sunday Vegetable Market

Perched on the Western slope adjacent to the Dzong is the vegetable market. The shed remains empty on the week days. It is not visible from the main road unless you view it from the highway on the other side of the river.

Come Sunday and it is filled with buyers and sellers, all busy in the business, as the huge Punatsangchu river flows smoothly without making any noise at the wide valley below. The river is so clean that one can see the gray sand deposits at the bottom of the river. The overall colour of the river is green contrary to the colors of most of the rivers depicted in blue in paintings and in photographs.

For the first time I need not worry about the IC. The narrow road leading to the vegetable shed was also used for displaying varieties of vegetables, fruits and other products like: zaow and maykhu. Maykhu is deep fried roti made of rice flour, fried till it is hardened as well as ballooned. It is the landmark dish of this locality and mostly taken as gifts by the travelers to other locations. The availability and abundance of vegetables, made me push aside the idea of making a kitchen garden at my backyard. The fresh saags, spring onions, lettuces, coriander, etc sold at reasonable price - reasonable price imagining myself selling from my garden; I would have not sold at the price they were selling.

At this lean season, if the Sunday vegetable market could offer this much! The better days are yet to come. Personally, I am thoroughly satisfied with, what the market had to offer.

This time I had purchased mostly from the old villagers. It was sort of 'mercy buying'. Just when I finished buying green fresh leafy vegetables, I saw an old women selling the same on the stairs pleading me to buy with her eyes. Without the aggressiveness to sell coupled with poor packaging and located away from the crowd she would not be able to empty her stock. I brought some from her. And some more from many others like her. Perhaps, organic vegetables from organic and pure sellers trying to compete amongst the vibrant and dynamic ones.

Every Sunday hereafter, the ritual of going to the vegetable market would be inserted in the personal routine, to stock the fridge with a week supply. However, the green and red hot chilies, the main ingredient of the Bhutanese dish was missed.