Monday, 27 March 2017

Opening address 24th batch

There was a pin drop silence in the hall. The trainees were just two days old but the discipline in maintaining the silence, the way of sitting and conduct were just too good. It was later remarked by the chief guest in his speech. It was their opening address by none other than the speaker of the National Assembly.

'The contributions of the desuups at any gatherings and functions were appreciated by the people of Bhutan', said the chief guest. He also cited the example of his visit to a remote Geog were there were only three desuups and their capabilities in controlling the crowd.

The aspirations of the His Majesty the King can be achieved by this program born out of the benevolent thoughts of the king himself. The population of seven hundred thousand cannot afford to keep aside a doable work by having a mentality of - not my job. If we can do it, we should do it. And desuup does just that.

It is the discipline that matters the most in everything in our life. Therefore no other place than getting trained in army, with army by the army can imbibe better discipline. It choked with emotion and appreciation to see just two days old trainees, disciplined and waited with receptive postures.

The scene seems to have filled the honorable speaker with hope and requested the trainees to take away the knowledge that they accumulate during the training and spread it far and wide. There were two thousand plus desuups doing their part in different nook and corners of the country. This batch would join the band wagon soon, to fulfill the aspirations of the His Majesty the King for the people of Bhutan.

They were wished good luck by the speaker and also thanked His Majesty for providing him this opportunity to grace the occasion. It was his fourth time addressing the opening ceremony, he recollected.

It takes lots of experience, couple of scores of life spent in Bhutan and good knowledge of history to appreciate the contributions of the Kings to the country and to appreciate the small security force of the nation. But listening to one inspiring speech of the honorable speaker, bundles up everything in one talk making the audience filled with emotions and gratitude, inspiring to contribute to the nation building  - with volunteerism.