Friday, 3 February 2017

The day I packed my alter - (Choesham)

I packed my alter consisting of various statues and other religious stuff, a day before I was supposed to move. I was held back due to believe of inauspicious day for making long journey on 'tashigacha' - a day, on which, if one travel, the horse dies and the saddle breaks. When everyone believes, it is better for me to believe too. Though I can claim that I am not much into such superstitions, I cannot take chance and be another example for not believing by meeting with mishaps on the way.

In the morning after finishing the bathroom routines, I found myself suddenly free. Free not like that of a free bird, but free with guilt and not knowing what to do. For several years, it had become my second nature to perform the water offering, offering of smoky scent with incense sticks or with aromatic dried herbs and chanting some prayers.

That morning I just wished that the gods would understand my problems. I m not so, die-hard religious person. I believe and respect all religion but I am Buddhist by birth. Other than not harming any living beings and trying to follow the eight fold paths, offering the morning thingies that I saw my parents offer, is the only thing that confirm  me as Buddhist.

Besides that, one cannot deny that there is some unseen force. When we are blessed with complete five senses, when we are blessed with families, when we are blessed with good health and many other things which are beyond our hands to pick and choose, we have to be thankful to someone who must be making that happen to us. That someone, I just believe that, they are there in my alter.

I am thankful to him that I m not hungry. I am thankful that I am not in a war trodden areas. I am thankful that I am not in the hospital with some unknown ailment. I am thankful that I am able to breathe without any problems. For all these great things, I house the idols just like my ancestors to offer my gratitude. I do not ask questions for the rituals, if my predecessors had done it, there must be some reasons, a reasons passed down through generations. No one forced me. I saw. I also saw the affects. I do. And I yearn to continue to do so.

The pause in my daily ummm morningly rituals, made me think and reflect as I experience the freedom - freedom of different kind, like a vacuum over my whole being.