Friday, 17 February 2017

The Camp Fire

With one flick of the switch by the commandant -  boom! There was a loud noise of the TNT charge exploding -sending multicolored flares in the air brightening the night sky. At the same time the conical shaped pile of wood was lit in a pyrotechnical way. Those who were busy watching the fireworks in the sky missed the lightening up of the camp fire with the incendiary charge, I being one who missed the same. 

The tracer rounds from the MMG with the noise similar to rolling of the drums flew past, except that the noise was louder and it gave a eerie feelings to those who were exposed to operational areas. 

The stage was set with camouflage net and garnished with the natural leaves and pine needles carpeting the otherwise dry and dusty ground. The night was filled with number of dances squeezed out of the talented batch of 23 desuup despite their paucity of time for practice. The program was entertaining to the core bringing out the innate talent of song and dances to the fore. 

The display of food cooked during the day, for cooking competition by the desuup were displayed in a mouth watering ways. The varieties of food surpassed the expectations of many of the onlookers and it had shown - in how many ways a potato can be cook and presented. There was also the seamless fusion of preparations from the west as well as India. The taste was dampened only by the coldness of the food, in the absence of food warmer and the chill factor of the swift wind. 

The camp fire ended with price distribution in the midst of rhythmic clapping, followed by sumptuous dinner. Despite being posted as a faculty member, this was the best chance for me to view and enjoy as guest. In the following camp fires, I would probably be busy at the back stage making it happen and may have a completely different view.