Friday, 10 February 2017

Getting Reacquainted to a Place....

It takes a good amount of time to get used to, to a new place. There is always a sinking feelings just short of depression when one land up in new place on permanent posting. The feelings like that of an anxious high school student going to boarding school for the first time.

The repeated dose of frequent transfer makes one immune to these feelings. The anxiety and disquiet gets suppressed by the experience of leaving the comforts of home starting from the school days. I would have forgotten about this sinking feelings had I not stayed put in one place for almost a decade.

I have come to a better place. But it is hard to define a better place. To make a place better it consists of so many tangible and intangible things. The tangible things can be seen and appreciated but intangible things take time to be built up and felt. It is during this gap that one feels the emptiness and a void which is hard to explain unless you experience it first hand. Experience first hand, we all had in one way or other, at certain point of time.

But then the feeling is not as bad as landing up abroad, in a country so far: away from home, away from friends and relatives and away from our own culture and  traditions. Even then we slowly blend in and start liking the place. Once we like it, think that, we made it. The drawback of making it in a new place is that it is going to prick you and give you that sinking feelings, once the time comes to leave it permanently.

It is just a matter of time to get used to, to any place. Any place has its own charm, its own unique characteristics, weather and above all the wind system. (Nganglam has morning wind but Wangdue has afternoon wind, with speed and gusto remaining same)

I got to pick a favorite grocery shop, favorite vegetable vendor, favorite garment shop, favorite shoe shop and so on. I also got to get used to, to the new routines of soldering the soldiers and many other administrative and management duties. The shift in the nature of duties, as indicated by the shift in the timings of the wind.

After a few years, I know, I will miss this location just like any other locations, that I left in the past. It will remain etched somewhere in the corner of the memory bank, ready to be refreshed to scintillate nostalgic feelings when the location is visited again.