Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Connectivity and Its Related Problems...(Excerpt from my project)

Tring, Tring....The phone rings. Husband picks up. He talks. He laughs and keeps the phone down. The ordeal becomes more frequent. 

“Who is it?” Asked the jealous wife.

“Oh, It was my friend Penjor.” Husband replies crisply. Penjor works in Bhutan telecom and he enjoys free telephone calls. He had strings of Tele friends and innumerable numbers of females who were not harsh, free, bored and likes talking in the phone. 

The phone rings. This time her husband was not there and she picks up.


“Hello. Sorry, I guess I dialled the wrong number.” It was a voice of a lady. The voice sounded husky or was that her imagination? 

After some time the phone rings again. Her “Hello”, was abruptly cut with a clicking sound of phone being kept at the other end. She was furious and doubted the caller to be a girlfriend of her husband. That evening she decided to ask her husband and get to the bottom of it.

Her husband returned from the office and before he could change and sit on his favourite sofa, his wife asked, “Who was that lady, who always calls?”

“How am I supposed to know? I have no way of knowing, who calls from the other side, and I am as lost as you.” He replied with genuine sincerity. Had he wanted to engage in phone calls, he would have given his office number. But he dared not tell this as he was a little guilty of that, for sometimes he talks with a bored business women, with whom he was so frank and friendly. He was sure that he did not give his home phone number. Besides it was too risky to get a call in the residence and talk for hours in the presence of his wife.

“I don’t know but a lady calls. She said, ‘Wrong number’ once and after that she never replies after hearing my voice. I am sure that she must be longing to hear your voice”. 

“You and your jealousy. I really pity you. With this attitude of yours and the amount of trust, I think, we will not be able to make the journey, far”. He feared whether that business lady got his residence number form the phone directory. But she was not that type of lady, who would wreck the marriage based on a little flirt on the phone.

The next day, the phone rang again almost at the same time. The person at the other end seem to know the routine of her husband. The call was made whenever he was not there. She secretly wished that the caller be a male.


“Hello.” It was a voice of a lady to her dismay.

“Who are You?” She fumed into the mouth piece.

“Do you really want to know?” The voice from the ear piece responded with so much of coolness that sent the shivers down her spines. She could see her husband and the lady plotting the destruction of her marriage. She could see her loved one being taken away from her slowly.

“Yes. Why not you faceless bitch!” She was not able to control her anger after the vibrant, vivid and near real imaginations.

“I am second wife of your husband. Now, tell me, would you like to stay together or would you like to back out?” Without waiting for the answer the lady at the other end hung up the phone.

 She nearly fainted hearing this. So whatever she had imagined was coming true. She tried maintained her composure but she could not and sunk herself on the sofa nearby. The phone was still in her hand listening to the beeping sound of the dead line and trying to make sense out of it. She thought that she had to really vomit out the truth from her husband when he comes back in the evening.

That evening there was a fight. The husband was innocent as far as the caller to the home phone was concerned. His wife did not believe him. Saying, “If you did not wag your tail like a dog, bitches will never come after you”.

“What are you talking about?” The husband asked sincerely puzzled. 

“I am talking about you having another wife behind my back.”

“So you knew about that huh?” He was thinking about the business lady. He used to jokingly call her his Twife - (TeleWife). other than that he did not remember marrying her or making her second wife in any other way. They have not even met in person.

“Yes I know everything. She even threatened me to move out today. Now you decide which one would you choose?”

“I had chosen you and I will always choose you dear.” He joked.

“Please don’t try to joke. I am really serious ok. If she calls again tomorrow, I am out of here.”

“Oh god. what can I do if some one calls our number. The only thing that I can do it to disconnect the phone. That you can do it too. Why you are talking of going based on a faceless and nameless person who is making a crank calls?”

“There is no smoke without fire. If there is nothing between you and her, whoever she may be, why should she call and tell me? Doesn’t she care about the bills? Is she that stinking rich? Oh, You got a filthy rich girlfriend also now.” She was crying hysterically.

That night they did not sleep together. The caller, whoever that maybe and whatever grudge she must be having, she was achieving success with her prank calls. He laid on the spare mattress, using sofa cushions as a pillows. The bedroom door was latched from inside. His wife’s possessiveness coupled with jealousy and deficiency of trust did not help much in such scenario. He was locked out of his own room. He thought that he had to do something to sort all this out. 

Next day he took leave and did not go to office and waited for the call. He told his wife that they will be sitting together and use the loud speaker of the phone instead of the hand set and sort out the matter once and for all. He had a tingling fear and prayed - ‘let it not be his phone pal’ -  with whom he sometimes, flirted.

The phone rang. They put on the laud speaker on, and said, “Hello.”

“Hello. Is it Dechen Dorji?” Asked the voice from the other end. But he had not heard that voice before. It was not the business women and he was glad.

The husband replied, “Yes, Dechen Dorji speaking. May I know you?...” His wife was listening carefully and trying very hard to not to make any noise because she was furious as the other lady knew the name of her husband. She could see her world collapsing in front of her.

 Before he could finish, the voice from the other end started excitedly, “Where have you been, Dechen? You know, how I missed you. And that lady who picks up the phone, your wife, is very irritating. Muah, Love you.”

“Please tell me who are you?” The husband asked confidently as he was not the one she was looking for. His wife was squirming with eyes flooded with tears.

“Dechen Square tey! Dont you remember? Our confidential honey moon at Bangkok starting from Hotel Druk in Paro?”

He could see his wife relaxing a bit. He had never been away, let alone, abroad. It must be the case of mistaken identity, but the problem fuelled by the jealous partner. 

“I think I am not the person that you think I am. How did you get this number?” 

“Aren’t you not Dechen Dorji of Foreign Ministry?”

“No, I am not, I am working in Ministry of Finance.”

“Oh, So sorry, I must have dialled the wrong number.”

“Next time, please be careful about dialling the wrong number. You almost wrecked our marriage.....” Before he finished giving lecture, the phone was hung up from the other side. His wife gave him a big hug. As always it was very easy to please and reconcile with the husband.

This story was during the times of Land lines/fixed lines connectivity. Now with the cellular network with 3G, 4G, internet connections along with numerous dating and chat apps, the survival of the couples like Dechen Dorji and his wife would be difficult. The apps facilitates video chatting, sharing photos and sending voice mails. The misunderstandings and divorce cases are on the rise, together with the numbers of children from the broken families. Just because of spill over of virtual life to the real life. Before we got time to be technologically savvy, the technology was here. Tread carefully. ‘Digital is Permanent!‘ - One may delete from the equipment but it would be there somewhere in the clouds saved, unless overwritten after a very very long time.  

(All the names and the characters are fictional. If it bears resemblance to a person living or dead, it is just coincidental.)