Friday, 13 January 2017

A Big Flowering Tree

You grew too colossal to be tamed.
Like a gem, the jungle bedecked,
By the flowers you bore;
At such season when others:
Wilted, yellowed and paused. 

Ornamental plant you aren't.
But ornaments to the forest you are.
Dwarfing all the ornamental plant,
Blooming offseason, drawing attention. 
Rescuing bees from famine and starvation. 

Your flowers so big and thick,
Like a plastic it hung,
Filled with nectar,
The fragrance spread afar,
Its prominence mitigated.

Drawing bees and others, equipped with proboscis,
For the feeding frenzy
During the period so lean.
Seeing with my minds eye
For flowers were too high.

Had it been small, 
The pride, must have been hijacked,
By the florists.
Pruned, cropped and cut.
The freedom of growing free, denied. 

No amount of watering and manure,
Could substitute the freedom,
To grow free and wild.
Unpruned, uncut, uncropped. 
Yet exuding beauty - nonchalantly,
In the wilderness,
Without care or concern. 
Swaying in the breeze
With unrestrained euphoria.
Untamed and wild. 

I took this photograph 
What eyes can see, camera cannot see.
What camera can see, the mind cannot see.
Therefore, I write this -
For the amusement of the mind's eye.