Friday, 23 December 2016

The End of Journey.

This is how the journey ends.
The pains would be felt no more,
Neither worries nor sorrows,
For you have breathed the last.

Motionless you lie on the hospital bed,
Sans hearing, sans feeling and sans everything.
Serene at last, without pains and difficulty.
Gone to the place – Unknown.

Whether people gather and cry,
Whether people mourn and grieve,
Nothing matter to you now.
For you are beyond all these worldly feelings.

Burry, cremate or incinerate the remains,
Dictated by the religion you followed.
Return again you will not.
But to the creator you return – any how.

To this ultimate pain killer and problem solver,
We all approach day by day and year after year.
Whether our path will cross or not – We don't know.
But there, all our souls must – go.

Leaving everything, taking nothing.
Not even your own body.
Needless to say about the other things.
Lessons not hard to learn, but easy to ignore.

For strong, handsome, weak and ugly,
Rich, affluent, poor and destitute,
The exit gate remains the same.
Where, nothing but only soul can cross.