Friday, 30 December 2016

Impending Change in Environment

The beauty of being alone is that you have all the time to yourself. You can use the time for writing, reading or doing something constructive. The work in the office does not take much time in the absence of colleagues disturbing you in the middle and work remains pending where, it had to be begun all over, again and again. I have seen in some office, my friends keep important works to be done after the office hours when they expect lesser visitors, thereby lesser interruptions.

When you are with friends, the talk never ends. One thing leads to other and by the time you realise the time is already up. And this sort of chatting is addictive. The so called socialising, that we call, is addictive. When I was posted here, from a crowded location, I felt the need to talk to someone. I tried to keep contact through phone calls and social media. It all died down slowly and I got myself engrossed into reading, and the writing part started much later.

My encounter with the blogging site, was the best thing that happened to me. It not only helped me in engaging my time productively but it also helped me to honed my skills in writing ummm... typing, rather. Some write to impress, some write to record, some write to inform, some are professional writers but bloggers generally write for the love of it.

All these luxury of time will be gone now. Actually, the time will remain same but it would be filled with blabber of the friends and colleagues in the name of socialisation. I will not be able to shoo them away and be termed - anti-social. Form a place where there are only two officers, going to a place where there are 20 plus officers would be a big plunge. Just as I missed the crowded office, I would now miss the solitary office. It is all matter of getting used to. If it is induced slowly, who knows we may be able to live with carbon dioxide.

This global warming and climatic changes – sometimes I feel that we are worrying unnecessarily as the process of change is very slow, which gives time for the occupants of the world to get used to and adapt by evolutions. If not become extinct – to be replaced by stronger and adaptable species. With so much of digging, excavating, bulldozing, unearthing an excessive reaping in the name of development, maintaining status quo would be difficult. Faces of the earth had been reshaped. River courses had been changed. Mountains were flattened. Island were reclaimed, and so on. We have meddled with the natural process, a way too much. Prices needs to be paid or the natural course needs to be continuously diverted and deviated, manually.

I got to do my own adapting thing to be done in the new place. I had stayed here for long. Long enough to see so many changes. The horses were replaced by the motor cars. The blaring engine sound of the heavily loaded trucks, which used to bring happiness in the past, had now become nuisance. Sometimes their noise are not heard at all, unless you concentrate. The din merges with the silence – the power of getting used to.

I may not get time to blog as frequently, though innumerable enticing topics I may come across, the luxury of time – I may not have. A few followers that I have would be missed. However, I will try to engage my time with write ups, nothing is so satisfying than this. On the lighter side, bloggers are not viewed with good eye... blogger killed here blogger killed there.....'Pen is mightier than the sword', but not the keyboard...ha!