Saturday, 24 December 2016


It is one place where a tonic is served:
For happiness as well as sadness,
For sanguine and the depressed,
For jubilation as well as to lament.

The place, appropriately lit - dim,
Facilitating the expression being hidden.
Inclusive place so crowded, frequented by people
To vent the fervors, or to drown the sorrows.

After a sip or two, the feelings are levelled,
Morale boosted and self esteem raised.
Ready to burst with fury,
Though physically unsteady.

Provocative sales girl behind the counter,
And equally sensual serving girls,
Prolongs the stay for the wanton few.
Until they are escorted away - dozed or overdosed.

The poison served with lascivious smile,
Encourages the incited to buy more and for others too.
A sad business of one prospering.
At the cost of other's decline (Physically and Economically)

Undiscriminating and all-embracing place called BAR.
Found in all towns and cities, selling alcohol and
Attracting crowd with salacious shows.
But alcohol - “It provokes, and unprovokes;” ( It provokes the desire, but it takes away the ......”.)