Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The Super Moon

Largest moon would be seen they say
It seemed quite large, as I went out to see
Maybe due to the hype or otherwise I know not
For I have no yardstick to compare

I am not a keen moon watcher
Attractive it is form so far;
Beyond the reach of mankind
Safe it remains in that way

That day when I went out to check
It was just rising over the horizon
Bright, brilliant and overwhelming
Perhaps a fraction bigger than before

With no intention to see it
The setting moon was seen
As always with a accidental glance
Setting in the western skyline

It's brightness, a little dimmed
By the dawn and the rising sun
Looking bigger than ever before
Approaching the irregular line made by the hills

To brighten some other places
To evoke awe and reverence
To bring out the muse in poets
To praise, to admire, to relish and to savor from afar.