Sunday, 27 November 2016

The Power Blackouts and Perspective

In some part of the world, power blackout is unheard of. In some parts there is no electricity only. And out here, the power shutdowns are as frequent as it can be. This gives us a different perspective of life which is not dependent on electricity. 

There was two days power shutdown continuously. That was the time, I realized how dependent we have become on electricity. Nothing runs when there is no power. Even the battery driven equipments fails after some time. 

With no TV, cellphone and other entertaining equipments running, suddenly you have lots of time to spare. The virtual life in the internet with constant bombardment of gossips and news being taken away, there seems to be ample time to give attention to the real life. There was deafening silence, to reflect on life and how we were engrossed and distracted by the items with moving lights. 

The natural sound of the bees buzzing, the birds chirping without rhyme or reason, the yellowing of the vegetation around and the sound of the stream flowing nearby which was a raging river just yesterday; it wasn't yesterday but it seemed like that for I was busy in the net or watching the idiot box. Only when there was power shutdown, there was time for the real entertainment and life around, which otherwise was taken for granted. 

The food was tastier without mixing it with the news or a song from the TV. The candle lights was enough to brighten just the food and people near you, thus restricting the wandering thoughts to what one can see. That was the time, I understood the reason why some people are crazy about the candle light dinners. 

For once I was not bothered about who becomes the president of USA. For once I was not bothered by the demonetization of currency in India. For once I was not worried by the problems in Syria. For once I was I was not eager to know which bills are passed and which are not in the NA. For once I was not squirming watching UFC. All because of not having electricity and by default. 

It is the perspective that matters in life. There was better entertainment in the absence of TV. There was a glare without lights - the normal lights. There was more peace in the darkness. Not updating about the happenings in some other part of the world matters little to us. The diversion of attention and dilution of interest in the happening in the immediate vicinity can be attributed to the power. "With great power comes great responsibilities.." I am not talking about that power. 

Next time when I pass across village without power, I would know how blissful the inhabitants are and how serene and unpolluted their minds are. The change in perspective acquired, I mean, made to acquire with regularly irregular power supply.