Friday, 18 November 2016

The Continuation of Journey

After our time is up here, where do we go? The mortal remains turns into ashes or buried according to the beliefs or the religion. It is the same thing at the higher realm going back to the place with what we are made of. Burying the remains, consumes lesser wood than cremating. But burying occupies space while cremating does not.

Then comes the soul. We move, we talk, we feel, we emote, and so on. Is it because of the soul? Will the soul die along with the body? Is the soul for eternality? Some believe that there is soul and some do not. In the society where it is believed that there is soul, it is confirmed by the reincarnations. Sometimes more than one threatening to shake the belief itself. If not explained and justified with 'ku, sung and thu' – Body, speech and mind – reincarnations.

The reincarnations are restricted only to the people who are religious and pious and holds a good religious position before they breathed their last. It is restricted to those people who were thought to be pure and demi gods, who were supposed to be catapulted to the heaven, directly. The irony, is that they are born as human again. To relearn, and to continue the life from where they left. Again threatening to shake the belief itself. If not explained and justified with the saying that they came back to earth again to serve all the sentient beings, on request. For their service to the world life after life, I bow my head.

The life is not a bed of roses for the reincarnates. Some of them have to maintain the life of celibacy. They do not have childhood days. They are thronged with the loyalists and the believers the moment they are recognized as a reincarnations. The work and the thrones awaits them to continue from where they left after gaining the required knowledge in the body that is not eternal, fulfilling the 'self fulfilling prophesy'.

What happens to the atheist? They must be very strong people. We have an urge to believe in some superior beings guiding us, directing us, in whom we can take refuge when things do not go as planned, for whom we seek justice when injustice is done to us. The atheist must not be having all those thoughts. They must be writing their own destiny. 'Japan has a highest number of atheist and has least number of violence recorded' – (read somewhere ;-P).

It must be that violence is caused due to the conflict in the beliefs. You eat cow. I consider cow as holy. You kill people and you consider it is good to kill people who do not share your belief. To kill people swiftly you require guns and bombs. Guns and bombs are produced elsewhere. That 'elsewhere' enjoys the sharp increase in demand for their product. As long as it is not happening on their soil and their people; it is ok. What they require is conflict to sale the product. Therefore, it is not belief that is causing violence. It is the trade coupled with insatiable human greed which must be causing all the turmoil. Haven't they got enough? How much wealth is enough to satisfy a man?

We search for life forms on mars. We send space probes to see what not? The fellow being on our own planet are getting slaughtered and displaced. Where are we going wrong?

There is some problems in the network. When the network is not there the communication becomes impossible. And when communications fails the system fails. The key to the reliable network with the higher realm not visible to us, are the reincarnates!

The next best thing representing a common cause and thought is democracy. And democracy gives you a practical man like D. Trump for the most powerful nation of the world. Hated by some, feared by many and voted by most. Proving all the prophesy pundits wrong. He had wealth. He was given power. Now he has works.......