Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Stars and Astrology

I refused to be driven by stars, be it by thousands or by just one. I try to go by the clock and not by the rising and setting sun. I am fighting a tough and losing battle because the biological clock of the body tends to be driven by the stars. 

It is winter and the sun in the northern hemisphere sets early and rises late making the nights longer and the days shorter. The 7:00 pm seems like 9:00 pm of the summers and the biological clock is badly affected by that, therefore, the body tries to do what it is supposed to do at 9 pm in summer at 7 pm now, in winter. If there there is no watch or a clock to show the time, my body would be driven to follow the movement of the sun. That maybe the initial believe and the starting of the astrology. The stars do affect the behavior and conduct of our body. Our body is programmed to run according to the movement of the sun in particular and stars in general. 

With the invention of the electricity, the streets are brightened up and homes are even brighter. One flick of the switch and the light floods the room or it is darkened. But in remote villages, people are still guided by the sun and it's movements. Anything to do before the sun rises in the absence of watch and clock, the roosters come into handy. 

The roosters (also known as 'cock', now the term may sound derogatory and understood differently due to constant use by many people to mean what they mean. It was hijacked by the common and consistent use) sound wakes the early risers, medium risers and the late risers are of course risen by the rising sun. The rooster makes initial 'cokariko' (I refuse to hear it as cockadalidoo, as taught by the expatriate English teacher) at around 3 am.  The second one at around 5 am and thereafter the sound is no more bothered by the people, including me, those days. It had been quite some time that I heard the cockarikoo of the rooster. It maybe because these days people love chicken. And when they love chicken they eat it up. "I love chicken. I love fish... " If you hear them say it; It means different kind of love. 'I love you - just like I love chicken and fish', would mean something completely different from the real love. 

It is just 6:14 pm and I have started to feel drowsy. Had it been in summers I would be in the fields playing archery or other games. The stars does control our lives. People aptly say 'it depends on my stars..', when something beyond their control happens or waiting to happen. 

If one star i.e. Sun has that much power over our behavior and the biological clock. The millions of stars alignment would definitely have some superpowers to the way things happens to us. I am yet to know my Zodiac signs and the exact date of birth. The drawback of following two calendars - the lunar and the Gregorian calendar. My parents were comfortable with the lunar calendar as they knew all the auspicious days from there and primarily the phases of the moon to give them light in the night; I felt comfortable with the normal internationally accepted calendar. Bhutan prints both the calendar overlapping both on one page. The generation gap and the type of education (whether monastic of modern) can be made out from which portion of the dates people are concentrating on. Religious people prefer the lunar part. 

Goodnight... the stars are winning. No no not yet, I have to wait till 9 pm for the English news, though it would feel like mid night at 9 pm......