Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Thimphu Tshechu and FLC.

Thimphu Tshechu

There was three days Thimphu Tshechu holiday and I got an opportunity to come during the same time for some course. The classes would be conducted during the holidays too, as told to us; I did not mind for it was not holiday in other locations and I am from other location. Slight hope, did make me carry a gho, just in case; but I was never keen to see the Tshechu even when I was here. But coming from other place and attending Tshechu would make me have the feelings of that of a tourist. 

In the evening of the first day, after the classes I went to the town hitch hiking a ride. The Main Street, Norzin lam was made vehicle free. The sides of the road were lined with blue tents of same type. The road was packed with people moving in both the directions. Had the body of people been made of metal, that may dent on touching each other, there would have been a traffic jam for the people. I touched with hundreds of people. It reminded me of the time when I landed on the platform of Howra train station, where I saw a swarm of people on the platform, that upon seeing I was motionless for couple of minutes gapping and hesitating to join the swarm. 

The river of people flowing on the road zapped me but I was not hesitant this time. Every touch here and dash there automatically made my hands check the contents of my pockets in which there were purse in one pocket and mobile phone in other. I must have heard so many pickpocket stories and I must have watched and read so many pickpocket's tactics. There were no pickpocket or I must have been smarter. 

The hexagonal canopy in the main traffic junction served as shelter from the mild drizzle for many people. The crowd became thinner towards the southern end near the Tashi cell office. 

The incredible point to note for me is that, I have not met even a single person that I know in the whole crowd. I guess my generations had already outgrown the time of loitering in the town. There had been time, when at every corner, at every junction, at every turn there would be some acquaintance smiling or offering a hand for a handshake. I have become a stranger in my own town. 

Taking cue from not meeting any acquaintance, I got myself away from the crowd for a plate of mono and a cup of tea. All the favorites coffee shops of yonder days were closed and other decent ones were closed too due to Dasain festival of the lhotsampa. It just showed that all good eating joints and coffee shops were run by them. 

The same place, where we got caught by the police for not wearing gho, is flooded by young girls clad in tight leggings hugging the contours of posterior and boys in hipster jeans threatening to expose the contours, if ruffled. The youngster are taller, fairer and fashionable almost looking like Koreans, which can be attributed the good diet, the medical care and economy boom. 
The country had developed and Bhutan had changed.

In the mean time, it is about time We replace the seat occupied by the elder generations with rosary in hand and watch the entire show of Cham and dances, without moving around at the ground zero, except for lunch breaks. It is about time we become the sentry of the packed lunch and guardian and advisors of the gen Z.