Thursday, 27 October 2016

The Pain

'Pain demands to be felt'. The pain, be it mental of physical, if it is not felt it does not exists. It is also the pain, that prevents us from further deteriorating the injured parts. Pain, therefore plays a very important part in our life.

The excruciating pain that I get after eating, hot 'emma datsi' or 'dolley' pickle controls me from damaging my stomach. The pain felt in the mouth can be subdued by water but the pain felt in the abdomen needs to be endured with, till the time it subsides on its own accord; yet I have not stopped consuming the hot stuff. The chili makes the rice easier to consume and it also increases you appetite along with making the maximum capacity of the stomach go wonky.

All of us are like grenade. Ready to explode and when it does, it causes maximum damages to those people who are nearby. Knowing this and in-order to cause lesser damage we have to have lesser people nearby. This, I guess, was understood by the true practitioners of the Buddhism. They cut off the chain of relationships or friendships and go to a secluded place disconnecting themselves from the world and the comforts.

I met one such man when I was serving at the border outposts. He was carrying just a 'jhola', clad in red robes – there was something majestic and holy about him. He said that he stays at the base of the the great mountain 'Jhomolhari' for several months. He bore no air of being a great lama. From his accent I can make out that he was from Paro. It was confirmed by him later, during the course of our short conversation. He produced a bottle of pristine bottle of 'ara' as a present for me and asked for some medicine, mainly pain killers. We had a stock of basic medicines for headache, stomachache and 'brufen' tablets along with some first aid kits. I had no idea what pain such holy man must be having, but gave some strip of all the tablets marked with markers for each type of pains. He left as swiftly as he came to never to see again. Without preaching he preached. Without blessing he blessed. I was awestruck but some of my friends had seen him before. Such people exists and we do not know.

We know people with strings of followers in wechat, ready to give preaching. Whether they are practicing we do not know, but by the mare fact that he is able to talk in wechat, shows that he is in possession of a smart phone and he is at a place where there is good coverage of 3G network. The intentions of the preaching is not known. But the most of the members are females. Is it ethical? It must be when technology is used to spread the message of the God.

The strength of pain depends on the tolerance level of the individual. Taking bath with cold water increases the tolerance level for the pain – says some. Tolerance of the mental pains is to undergo sufferings. One will not regret no having shoes after seeing a man without legs. It is all comparative and the border of physical and the mental pains merges at certain points.

In one of the movie (ummm I am bad at remembering the title), where the actress, who was a cancer patient; she keeps herself away from people so as cause lesser collateral damage, comparing herself to a grenade. This scene actually evoked me to write this – as if talking to myself. Whether you are cancer patient or not, we are all bound to die. Being born is being born with an expiry date which is not fixed and clear. But what is clear is that we are going to explode one day and to minimize the casualty and pains is in our hands.

The pride in having a grand gatherings of mourners during the final goodbye for the mortal remains contradicts what I am trying to say. We are but complicated beings.......