Thursday, 6 October 2016

Random Thoughts. (translated form sound clip in hindi -wehat)

It is not necessarily nice to be beautiful,
But it is beautiful to be nice.
It is not the beauty that attracts love
But when you love, everything becomes beautiful.
Beauty lies in the mind (and eyes) of the beholder
But critical mind can find faults even at the Taj Mahal

When you ask something from god
And if you do not get it, don't be angry
Because He does not give anything that you desire
But he gives something that He desires for you

What is the difference between memory and promise
Memory breaks us, the promise - we break it.

The relation with the mother is most sacred
Because all the other relations are made after we were born
But relation with mother is formed before we were born

No matter how hard you try to keep some relationship
It is susceptible to breaking
But then relationship that are based on love
No matter how hard you try to break it
It cannot be broken

The beautiful pictures are developed from negatives
That too in the dark room
That's why whenever you find darkness in your life
The God must be trying to develop a beautiful picture for you

A beautiful heart is better than thousands of beautiful faces
Thats why, in life, choose people with beautiful hearts than face

Your weakness and your secrets disclose to only those
Who would stand by you no matter what;
Otherwise, relationship and mobile
When there is no network
People starts to play game with it.

Those who cannot empathize
The pains you are going through, silently,
Telling them is a waste of time

If someone hates you
There are two reasons
One - you are one that they do not like
Or you have something that they do not have

Glass and relations are both fragile,
With only one difference;
Glass are broken by mistake
And relation by misunderstandings.

Someone had rightly said that life consist of two days
One day, when the luck is with you.
Other day, it is against you.
On the lucky day, never be filled with pride.
And when it is against you, bear with it a bit.

Those who are proud of themselves
Someone wrote – birth was given by your mother
Name was given by the parents
Knowledge provided by teachers
Relationship is with your relatives
Even the way to earn was learned from someone else
In the end you will go to grave on four shoulders
So what is yours, in this world?
For you to have so much of pride.

To make everybody happy is impossible
But be mindful to not to make anybody
Unhappy because of you.

No one is so rich
That he could buy the past.
And no one is so poor
That he cannot change the future.

This world is real complicated
During the childhood days
The siblings argue saying -
'Mother is mine, the mother is mine'
After becoming adult
They fight saying -
'Mother is yours, the mother is yours'

Mistake is but a page
And relationship is the book of whole life
When the need arise just tear of the page of mistake
Deleting the mistake permanently
But never throw the whole book because of one page.

Whatever is yours will never go away
Whatever is not yours you will seldom get it
Be honest and optimistic always
One day even the god will come walking towards you