Saturday, 29 October 2016

Quadragenarian and the Bikes

Suddenly when you are 40, you realize that you have missed doing so many things and approaching the old age pretty fast. When old, the energy level will go down, the zest would decrease, the flexibility and agility would diminish. It is better do the stuff that you may not be able to do once you enter the threshold of senior citizens. 

That subconscious thoughts makes you buy a noisy and heavy bike, which makes it appropriate for the quadragenarian to put on gangster type leather rigs without looking offensive. It fulfills the desire of the youngsters days to don the same.

I have touched 40 and I am fighting hard to not to buy myself a bike, knowing the psychological urge to do so. However, the quadragenarians who are doing so are envied with little bit of pity though. It would be fun to ride through the winds, over the mountains and across the valleys as much as ones old bones can endure. 

Biker gangs are much feared and confrontations avoided in Australia. The tattooed huge arms, once might have been turgid, clad in leather from head to toe with matching stickers resembling a tattoo on the dead animal skin, when seen moving around the city premises, people watch in awe. The only noise are either silenced or suppressed by the combined noise of numerous bikes moving together. The Harley Davidson driving bikers of USA are sight to see. The tattooed arms raised high, catching hold of the handle bars and twisting the ears as they speed past. Twisting and turning in unison, flowing like a molecules of water fluidly over the road. 

I am not at all surprised to see a Bullet alias Royal Enfield, the equivalent of Harley Davidson of the west, parked outside the house of quadragenarian. The gentleman is undergoing mid life crisis and trying to fulfill the innate desires of the youthful days before being caught up by the creaking-cracking and unexplainable pains of the old age. 

Getting old gracefully, might be involving all these... if so, I am looking for a bike myself, preferably a lighter and less noisier one - perhaps, a mountain mobike with good shock absorber and a big wheel. The only thing that discourages is the seasons of Bhutan. Winters- three months are too cold, monsoon - three months or a bit more are wet. The pleasant climatic conditions, conducive for biking remains to be a small window of around 4 months i.e. pre monsoon spring and post monsoon autumn just before the onset of winters. 

With the educated populations, fast approaching the generations of youngsters of old age and with resources and a bit of zest to explore, the bikers clad in leathers would be here to stay. Righteous and formidable in unison, due to wisdom of service behind and having earned and rewarded themselves with the trophy of the life. Doing what they would have done best if not sucked up in professional and personal obligations.