Friday, 7 October 2016


While trying to acquire a certificate for a diploma for management course from one of the university, during the viva voce I was asked about what do I understand by the term management. Such simple question? Yet so difficult to articulate an appropriate answer, especially during the viva voce.

What is management? It is a process of trying to make optimal use of the material and men, to get certain things done; according to the mandate/aim/task of the organization. “An act of managing something”, says the dictionary. From the day we were cognizant all of us were into managing. The resources available to us were never enough. But then, even if the resources were abundant, it might have required managing.

During school days a good managers pull the year through, with a minimal budget from their parents. The expenditure depends on the managerial skill of the children. Beside the budget and the material things, there are other abstract things to be managed, such as: time, emotion, friendship and unconsciously some even managed the teachers.

Once employed, management is what we do every day be it in any level, yet the management as a subject is seldom taught, just like those subjects relating to the practical banking issues like: depositing, withdrawing, writing cheque, etc. They are required to be learned on the job and it is not difficult.

The mandate of the work, to manage downward is easier. The instinctive skills of managing takes care of that and the weight of the chair does half the work for you. What is difficult is when you have to manage the people upwards, that is where most of us falter. The bosses needs to be managed too. And those people who are good in doing that, rises. It is human nature to be liked to be managed.All of us like to be pampered once in a while. This tendencies give chance for the upwards managers - the 'Chanchas' to come into being. I takes a good leadership skills to differentiate between the 'chamchas' and the good managers. The line between them is too thin and it fluctuates based on personality of the boss being managed.

Whether certified or not, each one of us are into managing. On the personal front: We manage families, consisting of so many circles. We manage friends, again, consisting of many circles. We manage time. We manage finance. We try to manage emotions – happiness, anger, sadness,etc. We are born managers. On the official front: We manage men, we manage material, we manage business, etc. Management is what we do daily. We are a born managers.

In NDA, the term management meant something totally different but meeting the ends of the management. It would not be nice to spill the beans as I being Ex NDA myself. But it is suffice to say that management those days meant – beg, borrow or steal. The stuff you ought to have, you ought to have!