Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Impact of Development

Having stayed in a place where it had developed from a ghastly town, with only few shops and fewer cars and people, to a bustling business hub, I can feel the changes that was brought in due to development upon retrospection, not only to the place which is obvious but to the attitudes of the people.

This reminded me of a mango tree back in village. When it bore fruits it bore in abundance to the pleasure of the kids and neighbours. Though the tree was right next to the owner's house, he cared little about who takes the fruit. The roads came and the situation changed. The owner started building a fence around the tree. The mangoes were no more free. In the similar manner other fruit bearing trees like guava, oranges and jack fruit were guarded and the carefree pickers were shooed away. The sharing, caring and carefree society changed into business like society.

Cohesive society is one which undergoes the turbulent times together. The development not only brings in comfort and availability of the things at the door step, but it attacks the abstract fibre of the society. Just a couple of years back, in a god forsaken place, everyone knew everyone. If there is change in the head of the department, the outgoing officer is given a good farewell dinner and the in coming officer is welcomed in the same manner. The officials then, required just a reason to organize a get together. Several Doctors, managers and police OCs were welcomed hoisting dinners by various organizations.

Seven years down the lane, with commissioning of Dungsam cement factory, opening of the double lane road from India, connecting road towards Pangbang and Pemagatshel, opening up of several farm roads connecting all the gewogs and establishment of good mobile and internet network coverage, the things had changed. Creeping slow changes are seldom felt. We are amnesiac to the changes that is taking place even in the tangible environment that we live in, noticing changes in the intangible things requires a careful scrutiny.

The great times that we had in the glade, almost cut off from everywhere during monsoon; but with sure helping hand just nearby. A cohesive and symbiotic society, remained trailing behind half a decade back, when we were busy in the mist of developmental activities. The time is not so far, when you would not know the person that is staying in the same building but in different apartment, like in many metropolitan cities. A familiar stranger would become the order of the day. And the feeling of loneliness in the crowd is something we would begin to understand slowly.

Any time, I would prefer the human touch in the midst of scarcity than the abundance of wine, beer flowing like water, music blaring with damsel (in distress) trying to keep up the wordings with the moving shades on the lyrics of the song on a huge TV – called karaoke. Karaokes are trying to get a foothold here too. When it does, it would be about time for me to say bye bye to the place with whose valley, with whose view of the great plains and with whose greeneries around I have .................