Friday, 21 October 2016

Food Poisonning

The round radish mixed with long big chili in oil with almost transparent sikam (pork) and red dried meat cooked till 'phos phos' yet not disintegrating and keeping its shape - caught my imagination just when the strike would be lifted the next day. The journey would be not less than 5 hours. 

I called up my brother for a dinner in return for showing me the place where I would get the stuff of my imagination. The homely food that is served during losars cooked by mothers. 

He took me to a restaurant(name withheld). The menu there matched the food that I had in mind and beyond that there was kangchung, shakam datsi, gep, chingpa and so on. I 'toliley', demanded sikam paa, norsha paa, shakam datsi and some aazay. My brother restricted himself to having thukpa. 

The fragrance of the spoilt meat was subdued by the eagerness to eat what I wanted to eat. The 'gep' that we consumed tasted good but there was lingering taste of staleness, which was washed away by a gulp of foster beer. I had my fill but my happiness and satisfaction was short lived. 

In the night that followed I woke up with a pain in the abdomen. My belch stunk of the gep and a beef curry mixed. I knew that I had a food poison. I was worried about the journey ahead and tried to clear my bowels after drinking a liter of water. 

At the stop for breakfast the better part of the time was spent in the dark cubicle. It was pay and use toilet costing only ten Rupees, I would have given hundred for the facility. The tandoori roti and aromatic Indian chai started reacting with the pungent Bhutanese dish of the night before, in my stomach, making me look concerned till the next stop. The sphincter muscle was used to its limits to not to cause inconvenience to the fellow travelers. The thought of the toilets and the imaginations of the latrines had never been so beautiful before. 

In the remaining one hour of the journey three stops were made near road side restaurant buying nothing to eat, but a passenger running for immediate downloads. So much for the home cooked food away from home. 

For the Reader's who had come this far let me warn you - if you see strings of white hot cases filled with look alike of  home cooked food, just near the counter, avoid it. It may look yummy but your stomach and the rest of the digestive system may not like it. I would have lodged a formal complaint but it was jam packed with customers and they seem to enjoy every morsel. Not meeting them the next day was a totally a different story. 

I am home and the internal pressure are welcome, it may take a few days to detoxify completely. I know because this wasn't the first time. Previous one was from a comparatively standard restaurant. That was how I avoided eating outside. You forget and you pay through ummm...😜😜😜