Thursday, 15 September 2016

City Vrs Country

It had been exactly two months and one week after I came to the city. The two contrasting places one with greenery all around and other with concrete all around.

The hustle and bustle of the city lives drains all your energy without doing anything. The dried throat reminds you of using shouts to talk to overpower the noises of the numerous vehicles and honks. The dust kicked up by the wheels blocks your nose and if you miss a bath in the evening it can be not only be felt but seen. 

There are so many engagements that updating a blog becomes pushed to the rear. There are movie halls, coffee shops, cafes, parks and many other places to while away the time. By the time you reach your home it would have been already time for bed if not late. And if you visit the discotheques and the night clubs it would be good morning on the bed and drowsy day ahead. 

With all the luster and attractions I would still prefer to be tucked away in the kingdom of happiness that too in some corners of the wilderness. 'Fish will come to know the value of water, only when it is out of it.' Out of my Nganglam and I already miss it. I miss it's wilderness. I miss it's chirping birds and hornbills. I miss it's pristine rivers. I miss it's serene environment. I miss the insects and my co existence with them all including the creepy and crawlies. 

I will come back to your bosom in another forth night or so and plan to live there till I get posted out by the call of the duties. City and country both has its own charms but I would prefer the peace and tranquility any time any place.