Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Writing From Mumbai Airport.. 0244 hrs

The flight is at 0700 and right now it is too early to go out so I decided to stay in airport only. The lenovo touch screen tablet placed in the airport with internet connection via WiFi is too good to be left just like that when there is no one using it... So I am writing this, after a long break from the blog. 

Firstly, there was one signboard, a digital one, saying that this airport is one of the world's best airport. And I being here twice and for longer duration during the second time I can say that it is the best. I m able to write this see. Besides it is clean and surprisingly silent without any announcement of any sort. It is a good initiative to do away with the announcement. The particular announcement for some passengers are bombarded to all in the airport. The announcement are actually a superimposed information, meaning, information provided on top of what passengers generally are aware of.

The abundance of water and tissue papers are sure sign of India's progress towards the development. The vastness of the airport can be apprehended by the availability of vacuum cleaner and mopper on wheel. Incidentally, the machine came near me as I am writing this.

How I wished to upload some pics. But I am maintaining a air gap between a public internet abled computer and my cellphone, one never know these days....

0326 h - I better get some sleep a quick nap at least.....