Thursday, 7 July 2016

Largest Sitting Buddha.

The Kuensel phodrang aka Buddha point must be the most photographed place and shared in social media. The name 'Sangay gang' would have been apt if only it is not taken by another feature and popular for the same reason when the Buddha was still under construction. Now, with the awe evoking statue overlooking the whole area - if it cannot evoke sense of humility and sacredness of the place nothing can. 

When it was under construction I visited the place to have a bird's eye view of the capital city. Today when I visited again - I can say that I am just humbled. It reminded me about how piddly I am in front of it. We are nothing in the universe, if our earth is like a spec of dust in the cosmos then what are we? Yet we tend to have a feelings that we are the one. Self centric ego of ours can be broken only after seeing the massive structures and no massive structure is as appropriate as the statue of Buddha himself to instill in us some sense of vainness and trivialness. 

Taking some pictures with little intentions of showing off and feeling humbled like never before, I prostrated facing the huge statue, not bothering about the selfieing crowds, thrice and departed the venue with changed perspectives. 

The construction is not completely finished yet, I just hope that when it is finished there would be some public toilets. The fresh signs of territories marked in a big cat's way can be seen in the bushes nearby, luckily the accompanying stench is suppressed by the rains in these seasons.

(Photos later)