Monday, 6 June 2016

Why I Write only One Page?

It is through personal experience that I restrict my writings to only one page of foolscap paper. (Before this moment I thought the foolscap spelling is wrong and the correct must be fullscape, I am afraid of the word fool..;)) No one has time to read the long write ups unless it is really appealing or perhaps a love letter. If the write up is not smooth and if the idea does not transfer to none para to another smoothly, it is most of the time, left half way. I am guilty of leaving many long statuses in FB and essays like that, after getting the general idea of what the author is trying to say. If the language is beautiful and smooth without bombastic words appearing out of the place, I do go through to hone my own skills.

Another reason is that I feel lazy to type. Once I used the voice command to write something and OMG! Either my pronunciation is so pathetic, (don't have doubt about it, it is pathetic, even my kids makes fun of my pronunciations, especially when I say, 'PEOPLE') or the computer listener of the gadget is not familiar with the bhutanese pronunciations, that it started to make lots of mistakes that I had permanently disabled it in my phone as well as in laptop. Yet, I write for the love of writing, but not more than a page please... for the mutual benefit of the readers as well as myself.

I upload it, for I have a very bad habit of deleting the stuff. I, somehow, like having ample space in my hard disks. Even when there is enough space I just delete it. The same goes with the hard copies, unless it is official and kept in office racks. This habit had put me into trouble couple of times for not having the supporting documents when asked for. I have created a dropbox account and uploaded most of the important documents there - in the clouds. Now I have no access to it as I have forgotten the Password. So much for the cloud computing. When I see duplicate accounts of my friends in FB, wechat and other social apps, I come to know that I am not alone, in getting oneself locked out of the cloud computation after forgetting the password.

The most forgotten password case must be in RAMIS – where we file our taxes online. It needs to be opened only once a year in Jan and February. When the time comes to log in, the password that you have written in some diary is already gone in the bin. Even if the diary is there the particular page, where you have written the password has gone missing. On top of that the bloody RAMIS, instruct you to create a complicated password comprising of one special symbol, one capital letter, one numerical and at least eight characters long. The perfect formula for making it hard to remember by the creator himself, let alone the hacker. Smart!

With this now I am almost nearing the end of the digital Foolscap paper, displayed in front of me. With little bit of tweaking here and there with the margins, I will be able to make it accommodate more, but today, I guess, I will not resort to that. And do the concluding thingy.

By the way I follow no rules in writings. It is kept to the natural flow of the thoughts in one page. Because the official qualification of the Author is only class 12. I did qualify in acquiring BA, but in semi conscious state, due to all those strenuous physical activities in the Academy – I have the certificate of BA, so officially may be BA. Rest of the qualifications are not applicable in the world beyond the dauntless factions (Refer movie 'Divergent').

Conclusion – Bakwas! Who cares about concluding. Let the story or the essay remain hanging...perhaps to add on in future...if there comes a mood, suddenly, to edit it.