Friday, 17 June 2016

The Life (adapted from a clip in wechat)

Form work
We go back to our house
every day, tired.

Until now it is not understood
Whether we live to work?
Or whether we work to live?

The question that was asked
When we were child -
“What would you like to be,
When you become adult?”

The answer, I get it now
I want to become -
A child again.

When I started to earn for myself
I began to understand...
That only with the parents money
It is possible to indulge in luxurious things
Our own earning can but fulfill
Barely for the necessary things

Even if you do not want to smile,
you have to smile.

If someone asks,
“How are you?”
“I am good and having fun.”
You are forced to reply.

This is the drama of life
Here, everyone has to act.
We do not require matches
Because here, people burn against people (with jealousy)

Scientist are busy searching
Whether there is soul in dead or not?
But we fail to search
Whether there is happiness in soul or not?

'what is the difference between sleep and death?'
Some one had given a beautiful answer -
'Sleep is half death
And death is full and peaceful sleep'.

life goes on on its own accord
It becomes dawn,
It becomes dusk
The time left to live finishes just like that.

Some cry loudly,
To free up their heart from pains
Some just smile,
To hide the enormous pains

What a natural miracle is it?
The alive people just sink in water
While the dead body
Floats on water as if – swimming.

Life is a journey.
We embark on it every day.
With destination nowhere.
Approaching the end to rest forever.