Friday, 10 June 2016

Owning up (honesty) for Swifter Punishment.

It is hard to do home works that is too long. It is harder for the teacher to check the long home works, with the class normally constituting of minimum 30 pupils. The teacher is smart and devises a plan to make the pupils do the home works on time without him having to go through all the note books.

“How many of you have not done the home work? Please get up.” Asks the teacher the next day, sleeves rolled up and with a pen in the hand, seemingly ready to check the whole note book at one go.

The ones who have not done their home work gets up. They are the honest ones. Three of them gets up being honest and also knowing that there were others who would not have completed the home work, as they were chatting together through out the evening and night studies.

The honest pupils were rewarded with tight slaps on the face for their honesty. The others who tried to act smart escapes the wrath of the teacher. What does this teach? You own up you get slapped - faster, you don't own up there is chances of escaping the punishment. The bitter lesson of - 'Dishonesty and smart acts pays' - is taught at the early ages, unintentionally, which is going to affect the nation in the future as they grow up and join the civil services. 'Kencho sum gi zee doed wong' does not justify much at the present moment.

If you are carrying contraband items to Australia and if you declare it honestly in the declaration form, the substance may or may not be siezed but you will go scot free for being honest. And if you reverse the situation while entering India, or for that matter, our own - Lha gi yul, PERHAPS, you will be and easy catch for the authority and they may ridicule you for your foolishness – the declaration form will be torn and chucked in the bin, you will be caught and someone will be promoted for doing the great detective job.

We have a long way to go to promote honesty and sincerity in the society. When you find the dishonest, sycophants, double faced and chamchas getting rewarded and prospering in front of your own eyes, it is tough to stand on your ground of moral integrity. This should start in the schools and houses form the teachers and parents respectively. The parents asks the children whether an expensive chinese vase was broken by the particular chid or not, to not to have guilt in beating up the wrong-innocent child, after the child owns up. Honesty needs to be rewarded, not punished.

Honesty do get rewarded, in certain case, if a bag full of cash, is returned. But such things happens very rarely. How many of us got back the purse we lost? How many of us got back the cell phone we lost? How many of us got back the gold rings and chains we lost? Once my friend left the cell phone on the table, in one of the restaurant. When he went back to get it after a few minutes it was gone. The owner of the restaurant claimed to be too busy and the other customers sitting on the same chair claimed that they did not see it. Such are the places and people we mingle with in lha yul.

The three children who had not done their homework and owned up would never try to be honest ever again. The ringing sound of the slap in their ear drums would remind them of the consequences to being honest to the person whom they revered like God. When they start to reap the benefits of being dishonest and feel no guilt about it, they had made it... well come to the sucide-ty (society).