Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Murky Tap Water and Environment Day

It so happens that whenever there is slight rain fall, the water coming out from my tap turns murky. It was not like this a couple of years ago. A couple of years when there were no farm roads criss crossing on the slopes above the water source. For my clean source of water, I cannot be so mean to expect the far flung villagers to walk. Road is the main artery and vein that brings about development. It is nice to see old people, only old people are left in the villages, riding on a rugged bolero, smiling away to glory. It is so satisfying to see them enjoying and suffering lesser. My muddy water can be filtered and boiled, just to see the happiness and smiles on their faces.

The spring water tapped at the source, with natural filtration never called for man made treatment plant. Now, that may require rethinking and not only rethinking a certain amount of budget to put in place – the water treatment plant. The natural course of the streams, the rain water drains and the water table systems had been disturbed while carving a platform for the vehicles to ply. These are the few prices that we have to pay for the development. Is this price too huge to be paid? I would beg to say 'NO', seeing the benefits being reaped by the ever thankful villagers.

And villages are so located in such a place that – you just can't but appreciate the selection made by the ancestors in beautiful pockets of the wilderness in the absence of the ariel photographs, maps and surveying equipments. Most of the villages so selected, has all the ingredients of being a prosperous village: the abundant water (which is drying up at rapid pace), fertile land, good climatic conditions and security from observation. What it lacked due to modernization was the road network and it has come, beckoning the the ones who might have left to find the easier way of living elsewhere.

On the World Environment Day, on 5th June Sunday, the maximum that we, at the local level could worry about was the garbage, consisting of mostly plastic, strewn around; that is the obvious stuff we can see and what we cannot see is cutting down of 108 straight, young, trees for every person dying in a well to do families, to hoist prayer flags. (I would rather forgo accumulation of merits than to cut down that many trees). And at national level, perhaps to stop the movement of the vehicles on that day and declare it as a pedestrian day. How much green house gas can each vehicle emit to make that much of an impact is yet to be known, but definitely it will not be of any comparison to the huge chimneys, somewhere in the industrial areas, emitting toxic gases, like a huge cigar being smoked 24 hrs non stop. But then development is a necessary evil, to keep ourself abreast with other countries. We cannot keep on suffering and being a carbon sink globally, and poverty stricken locally. At least we are not making race courses, even if we can afford, our government would definitely not go for a F1 race course. As it is evident from the restriction of the use of cars for the necessary purposes also.

For my investigation of the muddy water - I went to the source and found out that there is not a drop of muddy water entering the tank from outside. The spring water itself had turned murky from within the earth. It may be the sign of earth bleeding. My company having water form that source might be whining about the murky water, not knowing about the sign of the bleeding earth. It may take ages to reset the collapsed water table within the interior of the earth's surface. It may take some time to clog the punctured water table. Cured and adjusted it would as the time goes by, but in the mean time, the plastic bags and the pet bottles thrown carelessly, would be picked up during every such event for the comfort of the eyes.....