Saturday, 4 June 2016

Living by the Weeks

Weekends are looked forward to as it is a resting day. Or is it really a day for a rest? If we observe and feel properly, it is more tiring than the week days for most of us. All the laundries are piled up to be washed during the weekends. Shoppings like vegetable and groceries are kept for weekends. Visiting friends and relatives are reserved for weekends. And for those, who are single, look forward for late night partying and binge drinking. It is more tiring than the working days but we may claim that we feel fresh on Monday.

I guess, the feeling fresh and resting has got something to do with mentally rather than physically. The office goers, with sedentary works would agree that it is more tiring sitting down and doing the sedentary works whole day than to trek whole day to some religious place, or some picnic spots, or playing archery the whole day. The carefree situations and doing the things that we like matters, in keeping us refreshed, even when it involves strenuous physical activities.

Weekends, as I read somewhere, is a British legacy. And sun had, at one time in the history, never set in the British Empire, spreading the legacy of weekends through out the world. Bhutanese as a small country, without being the colony of the British Empire, but having English medium of instructions in schools and educated lots brought about the weekend culture in the urban areas. In villages, however, people do not care about what day of the week it is, unless they have to visit the government offices, as Sunday being holiday.

In Australia, the weekend mood begins from friday itself. The whole weeks earnings are blown off during the weekends. Go to work for another five days and again blow it off on weekends. And the cycle continues. Incidentally, the payments and salaries are made weekly in such a way that the people are loaded before the weekends. The people like us, who flung from monthly kind of payments and who are much concerned about the future, just have the look of astonishment and wonder how these 'chilips' really know how to enjoy the present – weekly.

It is, in a way, good to enjoy like them. We are bogged down being concerned about the future: the future of our own, the future of our children, and if possible, future of our grand children. In that way we have no time to live our own life. Buildings are constructed, wealth accumulated beyond necessity and if asked – spat comes the reply 'I am doing it for my children'. The children would be doing for his children and the cycle of living like that goes on. In the absence of the Will and its legality, the issues of distribution of the wealth and inheritance creates more of a problem to the aging parents who must not have enjoyed even a single weekends, for himself.

With the cellular networks connectivity, people can be traced if required even during the weekends. In the past weekends means weekends and there is no botheration from anywhere until the the time you are near the phone. Now the fixed line/landlines are seldom used save for the fax and broadband internet connections.

But then, whether it is healthy to blow up the earnings every time during the weekends is viable or not is for the readers to decide. We are preached that future is uncertain, but practice otherwise........

Happy weekends...