Monday, 13 June 2016

Following Orders

No organization can beat the Army in following orders. When it comes to soldiers level the orders from the superiors will be followed whether it is logically correct or not. It maybe because during the boot camp it is ingrained in their gray matters that they are not supposed to think, if possible the thinking part of the brain would have been already removed. It is a tough job for the officers to get to thinking mode after getting trained like any recruits. The constant stamping of the foot and never ending runs makes the brain to drop down to the knees. Therefore, soldiers think from the knees, little bit lower than Shakira's – and hips...ummmm knees dont lie.

It so happened that I was planning to get some important softwares - actually it is apps for my laptop. Since I am posted in the remote areas, I was not able to get it and those that are available online were beyond reach due to online payment problems. One of my friend, who is so generous and helpful by nature told me that he had all the apps that I require. The only problem being dispatching it.

I gave and idea of writing it in a CD and sending it. We agreed that he will burn the stuff on a CD and send the CD through a person who is going towards Thimphu for his personal works. These days CDs come in a fragile cover made of paper. In the past, the CD comes covered in a durable plastic cover and it is well protected. I had so many such covers as CD are fading away to oblivion like those floppy discs.

Before the soldier left for Thimphu, I called him up and told him to get a stuff from my friend and gave him my friend's contact numbers too. Handing over the empty CD case made of tough plastic, I told him to put the stuff that he collects in that. It was made amply clear again to put the stuff that he collects in the case to avoid scratches and damages. He assured me that he understood it completely.
Thumb drive in the CD case- as instructed...

When the parcel was brought to me, I could not help but - LoL. My friend had copied the apps in a pen drive as the files were too huge to be burned on the CD. As talked initially he never told about the change in plan and I thought he would be sending it in CD only. I received an almost empty CD case with a pen drive neatly put inside. It was fortunate that the CD case of yonder days were a bit thicker than what we get today, to accommodate the pen drive in some corners of the otherwise round CD case.

As instructed, the soldier put the pen drive in the case. It was immaterial for him whether it fits or not, whether the shape and size mismatched, whether it fits snugly or not – for him instruction is an instruction and it would be followed until instructed otherwise or amended. He is a true soldier.

Even in academy, if there is an instruction to carry rain coat, (Rain capes as it is called in academy, it is very bulky, WWII types, and it weighs more than 3 Kgs....made of thick tent material almost looks like a 'gho') it would be carried even during the bright sunny days and when there is not a minute chance of raining. Worst of all, the appointments and instructors would check whether you are carrying it or not. If you are smart and not carrying it, during the sunny day, you would be charged under 'Disobeying of orders' and punished accordingly.

On the hind side, like in democracy, if everyone starts thinking and making noise it would be very difficult to move forward even an inch. Aim is to achieve the commanders plan and riflemen like a jigsaw puzzle piece needs to fit in, in the bigger board. If the jigsaw puzzle piece starts to change shapes (by thinking) it would be difficult to solve the puzzle and achieve the aim. With much appreciation to the puzzle piece which did not change its shape a bit......