Thursday, 2 June 2016

Controversial Topics

I normally do not tread along the controversial topics and try to avoid it. But somehow controversial topics are the one that are more appealing and interesting to read. And there is no dearth of controversy in the small society that we live in. Leaving politics aside, which is filled with controversy, why is it so?– I will cover it later; even as trifle topic as whether to eat meat or be a veg when told by the authority turns into controversial talks.

For instance the 'ada rachu' controversy, a small piece of cloth placed over the shoulder of the ladies to mark the respect shown, while visiting official and religious place. As oblivious as I am, I have not bothered to see the colour of rachu (I don't know what rachu my wife and daughter is having? - luckily it is an ada rachu), whether it is embroidery or woven, whether it is imported or domestic. I am sure that no gentleman bothers to see the rachu, unless it is too gruesome too eye-catching – and if it is eye-catching he may, well, buy the rachu for himself.

On the positive note, I guess it would be less expensive and take away the time required to decide which rachu to wear on the particular day. And the ladies will not have to worry about that cold war and rivalry when it comes to the rachu. The ward robe would be a little lighter.

On the NOT positive side (sic), it had taken away the varieties (I doubt that because the two ada rachu that I have in my house are not same. Ada rachus comes in different shades, if the oder is passed to bring in the uniformity, it has failed). The new democratic form of government had given voice to the people and the social media had given the platform. It is difficult to please everyone. What about a lady who must have just bought an expensive embroidered rachu just before the order? Personal interest takes over the national interest. An illusive blue poppy blooming somewhere in the remote highland of the country, do evoke some interest.

Politics would be filled with controversy due to the fact that the members thus voted were selected amongst the candidates and no candidates wins by all votes to zero votes. Only when the candidate wins by all votes to nil, then only there won't be any controversy. It is imperative that we have someone, some selected lots, to decide and take care of the national interests and carry out the planned developmental activities without prejudices. Decisions cannot be taken by the whole population, however small it may be, but it should not be overshadowed with the personal interest. A bit of nepotism leading to partiality may have to be taken with a pinch of salt, as we have a tradition of believing in and upholding, 'tha damtse lay jumdray'. Pity them! For it must be a tricky tight rope walk for the people in power.

“To err is human and to forgive is divine”. In the young democracy, presented by the gracious monarch on the platter, we must try to set examples without seeing and emulating from other countries. Chaos is never good. We do not require legislation for the rights of senior citizen and parents. Respect to senior citizens comes naturally for us, if it is not diminishing by days. They are the ones like our own parents, who sacrificed for the future generations, though, fragile and worthless they may look, now. Offer a seat, in the public transport – “you will accumulate soenam”.

Controversy between animal rights activist and others – for killing the gorilla in the zoo to save a toddler is another international controversy all together. Had it been in Bhutan – which would you save – a child or a gorilla?