Monday, 9 May 2016

Mothers' (Day)

It does not require a day dedicated to mothers, had the children been mindful and little grateful to their mothers. However, I came to know about the mother's day through the social media and people pouring out their gratitude and love for their mother. Bhutanese in general and in olden days emote secretly be it love, appreciation or gratitude. Social media had changed all that, now we can see all sorts of emotions being displayed publicly on the virtual space.

There are children who do not have mother. For them my heart goes out. My mother is one of such children who did not have mother. Her mother passed away, soon after her birth as told to me. I remember a scene from the movie 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai', whenever I think of children brought up without mother. In that scene a girl child, who was chirpy, intelligent but who was brought up without mother by her dad, was to give an extempore speech. She digs in, in the bowl containing the topics for the extempore speech. The topic was taken out with a confident and broad smile. The moment she sees the topic the smile vanishes together with the confidence as she approaches the mike. To the disappointment of her proud father and the audience, the girl stands there speechless and the only word she could muster to utter was “Maa..Maa ...Maa ..” and trails off with uncontrollable tears oozing out of her eyes and the the eyes of her father and the audience. Just when you think what had got into her to make her speechless, you come to know that the topic of her extempore speech is “Mother”. I cried too.

Mothers are constantly on our mind. When we become parents ourself we could understand the amount of sacrifice that they must have made to make us what we are today. Getting ourselves engrossed in the battle of survival, we tend to not to give the amount of attention that the mothers deserve. And the mothers being the mothers they would never demand or expect anything out of their children. 'Since God cannot be everywhere, they created mothers'. How apt?

Anyway, that evening I called up my mother, just like that, since it was mother's day. The communication were normal asking about how she was doing and all. I wanted to thanks her for everything that she did to me, but when you confront your mother however big you are you tend to become a child again. No amount of things that you may do, would be enough to repay what mothers have done to you. Still then, I wanted to tell her that I was not able to do justice as a son and could not give or provide her a comfortable life, despite me serving in good office. She just waived all that.

To my astonishment, she confided about a plan to give me and all the others siblings a piece of 'gho.' When I said that I do not require any 'gho' and I have enough of it, she was adamant. That is how mothers are – so selfless! Even if we try to be half of what mothers are, the world would be a different place. Forever indebted to my mother I shall remain.