Saturday, 7 May 2016

Mobile Phones

It is amazing that a small piece of equipment had become a very necessary part of your life and an important pocket content at all times. These days you cannot imagine a life without cell phones. The social networking apps had made the connectivity easier and to keep a tab on each other. The long lost friends can be met in the social networking group created by the common friends. But then with lesser education and understanding there is also chances of misleading the people with wrong information; like the one that caused panic among some people with the rumour of prediction of earthquake by some revered Lama.

Not very long ago, once you say good bye, you do not get to see or hear that person until you met again. It was assumed that the person stays good till the time you hear the bad news. There was charm in meeting after a long separation. The twinkling in the eyes, the surprised look on the face and the talks of how you have been doing, just takes away the awkward silence that is experienced now, during the times of mobile network technology – the age of information.

The expectant parents and relatives throng the bus stations to see the disembarking passengers to see whether their children were there, during the time of winter and summer vacations. The sweet feelings of waiting and the expecting are now taken away by the cellular technology. Though out of sight, with the communication facilities, you can never be out of mind (out of hearing range). The scale of missing a person had been raised to a different level.

Now a days, you know the exact time of arrival, the number of vehicle in which the person is coming, at which all places the halts had been made and the type of meal that had been had on the way. There is nothing left to talk when you meet personally, unless maybe to put a signature on some business papers, and thats is it.

The phone had come and it is here to stay. The future generations would never know about the tremendous amount of hope and trust that we had. Every meetings after separations were surprises. The get togethers were filled with personal stories that was never told. The yearning to meet and going for vacations at villages and home used to be ever strong. Some relatives and neighbours not present during the gathering were perhaps already cremated. One dare not ask about the whereabouts, just like that.

Have said these and experienced both the sides, it would have been a different story had there been mobile network facilities during the times of Gasa lamai Singye and Changi Bum Galim (the Romeo and Juliet of Bhutan)