Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Exercise and Workouts

The battle between the brain and the brawl of the same person can be seen in this statement - “I used to run five miles per day and then I found the shortcut.” Who is cheating whom? In gym too you can see some person, just whiling away their time walking here and there and talking over the phone. Spending time in the gym strolling aimlessly for hours. It may sound good, when you say, “I spend 3 hours per day in gym – daily. You are not lying and there are lots of alibis. God forbid, you don't choose me as alibi, I may be tempted to add - “...3 hrs in gym doing what?”.

Constant use make it grow stronger. Human body is a complex machine consisting of so many parts and vital organs. It runs on the fuel consumed through the mouth. The digestive system takes over and breaks down the fuel into various vitamins, minerals and various other relatives of sugar. And the incredible capability of the body is to store the fuel for the future use in the form of fat. This capability of the body, inherited through ages of evolution seems to be causing more of a problem in the times of abundance. Foods are supposed to be scarce, according to the evolution and the storing capability of the body. How come? - Ah! The technology.

That is when the workouts come handy. In order to begin with the exercise you have to be absolutely fit first. I realized that when I sprained my ankle and could not go for a jog or a walk, but the intake is not affected unlike other sicknesses. 'Rough wind makes a tree grow deeper roots' – similarly, rough times make the human body stronger. In the absence of rough times, due to the availability of modern technology so much so as to having a moving stairs – escalators, we have to find time and create the rough times ourselves in the form of exercises. Until the evolution takes over or catch up with the advancing human capabilities by removing the small toes, fingernails, external ears and minor adjustments of not storing the excessive fuel that is consumed through the initial stage of digestion.

The more weights you lift, the more weights you will be able to lift. This shows the ability of the muscles and the other related parts in becoming stronger. The more distance you run the more distance you will be able to run. Besides the muscles, bones, cartilages and tendons, running makes the heart work harder and the lungs work faster. The burning sensation, the taste of blood in the mouth and hearing of your own heart beats inside your head will be gone with the constant practice. But then it takes a very very strong will power and detachment from the gravitational pull from your favorite sofa and a comfortable bed to make the body rolling. As you advance in age, sadly you will not be able to run due to the aging relaxed bones and joint problems acquired due to the limited supply of synovial fluids because of keeping it under-utilized.

The health consciousness in the general public is improving as evident from the mushrooming of numerous gyms and clubs. The more the members the more the motivational factors. It is good. But then nothing beats the biking over the curves of the highway breathing fresh oxygen directly form the lush environment. Sight seeing, listening to music, burning calories and keeping all the vital organs in ship shape conditions at the same time.

'When your time is up it is up' – is a morose statement and may encourage you to care less and enjoy life lazying around and gulping down any delicacies that you can lay your hand on. Indulging once in a while is okay. But when your waist lines increases and a new hole needs to be punched on the belt or when your 'kayra' becomes shorter, it is about time to restrain from fueling and start burning the reserve fuel, when your legs can still carry you.

The evil paradox of life is that we strive hard to lead a comfortable life and when you achieve comfort it is time to leave and start working out. Working out is not comfortable at all. It can be summed up in - “You have to try to be more breathless, to avoid becoming breathless later”.