Wednesday, 27 April 2016

When would we live our life?

Buying time. 

There was once a richest man in the world. He had put in all his effort in making an empire for himself that he had forgotten to give time for himself. He had completely forgotten to live his life and his enjoyment consisted of accumulating more wealth and making his business empire bigger. 

One morning the Angels, the God of death appeared before him to take him away from the world as his time was up like any one of ours time that would be up one day. 

The God of death said, "It's time for you to go with me now."

The man replied, "Oh God of death, I am the richest man on the planet and I can give you  ten billion dollars please give me some more time."

"Why you are wasting my time? I cannot grant you any time"

"I will give you 20 billion dollars please give me just one day extra."

"No I cannot give you that much time. Please don't try to act so naive."

Hearing that his wealth did not matter much to him now, what had become more important was a little time more to indulge in activities that he kept pushing aside while he was engrossed in minting money. "I will give you all my wealth, please give me just one hour."

The reply was as expected negative, the man was exasperated and requested for a last wish, a few minutes to write one letter. The God granted that wish, knowing that it would be educative for the man kind. 

The man wrote in that letter stating that let all the people in this world read his letter, especially those who are near and dear ones and those who are relatives.

That in life no matter how much wealth you accumulate and how much effort you put in to earn money when the time comes it would not be enough to buy even a extra breath of air. 

That's why if possible, take out little bit of time to spend with your family, friends, people who cares and loves you. Live your life with enjoyment and happiness. Because when the time comes, your billions of dollars, immense wealth and big business empires would not be capable enough to buy even one hour extra to do the things with the people whom you have pushed aside in the process of earning money and accumulating wealth. 

Life is real beauty that's why we have to live it with open heart. It is a humble request to all those who are moving and running around, to fulfill so many wishes related to the material things which keeps on increasing as you accomplish one. Therefore when are we living? Living the life that we intend to after saying 'yes now it is enough'. Please start living and say 'enough.'

Who knows for sure whether you would be alive tomorrow or the next moment or not?  

(Adapted from the movie clip shared on wechat)