Monday, 18 April 2016

To Pangbang

Pangbang looks like a twin of Yangbari. As you descend towards pangbang from Nganglam you are presented with a view of a broad valley dotted with houses of different kinds, built according to the economical capacity of the individual yet conforming to the aesthetic architecture of Bhutan.

The broadness of the valley and the flatness is similar to that of Yangbari; the only difference being that Pangbang seems to have more settlements. The wide valley is surrounded by mountain ranges on all sides with opening only at the great Manas river flowing towards India.
manas river

The confluence of Kuri chu and Mangdi chu is breathtaking. The meandering Kurichu is bumped hard by the rapids of Mangdi chu as if to awaken it from its laziness. But little further down the Mangdi chu seems to have lost the battle and follows at the lazy pace of kurichu as they combine and flow towards India as Manas river. The lack of Rapids and smoothness of the flow the river can be utilized for navigation and other white water sports.

The wideness of the valley seems to howl out for the development and to utilize it to its fullest potential. Other than the orange orchards the wide plains seems to be severely under-utilized. Such beautiful plain, with fertile soil seems to be wasted to the wilderness of shrubs and bushes. The double lane road joining Nganglam and Zhengang via Pangbang had brought great changes.

Situated at the fringes to Manas wild life sanctuary, the scope for Eco tourism is seen to be exploited. It would require aggressive advertising and mitigating the past image of it being a nasty place. The people are so simple and honest that it is demonstrated by keeping the Eco tourist lodge in the middle of the forest with caretaker not in sight.

With the rise in economic wellbeing and spending powers of most of the Bhutanese, the domestic tourism would serve a great purpose. It would be a great place for newly married couples to visit for honey moon keeping in view of the tranquility punctuated just by the occasional chirping of the birds and insects. If the bride is not that keen on selling money ummm shopping. It would be a good change away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and towns.
lodge of RGP

Seeing the beauty of the place and experiencing the tranquillity and the potential for being a great place to visit during winters as the weather is warm, I have written this sitting at the bank of one of a tributaries of the great river Manas.
Eco lodge

By the way, RGP (– River Guides of Pangbang, a community owned project, provides lodge, food and river rafting facilities as told to me by one of the members of the project. When asked about the price of he tour package, he was coy to give me the figures but he said that it would be cheap for the local tourists/visitors. I guess it is time for us to vitalize our own communities. If we dig in we have our own Switzerland, Alps, Hawaii, Everest, etc hidden in the pockets of the wilderness waiting to be discovered, enjoyed, shared and promoted. A

Hut over the tent