Friday, 8 April 2016

Tips Vrs 'Chanjay'

Human beings are complex beings; their behaviours and they way they perform in their duties depend on so many factors like: weather, type of boss, payment, mood, health, etc. But then human can adjust and still be productive under all the circumstances, what really matters is a little bit of encouragement or a little pat on the back or some reward. With this as a back drop I come to the topic – proper.

Chanjay – It was customary in Bhutan to take something be it a ball of cheese or butter (by the villagers), chewing gums or doma (by others) or anything can be given as present, while visiting a office. And if you wish for a prompt services, taking chanjay ensures that, to some extent, even now. The thing that you may be taking as present/gift is known as chanjay.

There were stories in the past that people taking chanjay even while visiting hospitals or banks. This system had died a natural death due to streamlining and modernizing the process of dispensing services. In many other offices the system of taking chanjay is still going on but it is not compulsory to take chanjay. It is taken either to ensure prompt service or just as a gratitude for the services that he /she would be providing thereafter. The tradition of taking chanjay was rightly labelled as being equivalent to bribing and it is discouraged. That is when I thought of Tips in other countries.

The difference between the tips and the chanjay is that one is given after the services and the later is given before the services. Similarity between the two is that there is no set limit and it is not compulsory to give it. It is smart to give after the service as it clings on the hope of the service provider to get the tips and he may provide better services. Or the service providers may be dejected for not getting tips for his hard work and may promise to not to serve again properly if that person ever comes back. Whatever may be tips is not a bribe, it is not even a carrot dangling at the end of the stick. It is but an imaginary string ready to be hung with a carrot after the services have been delivered.
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To erase the doubt of whether the service provider would get tips or not after the service, I make it a point to give the tips before the service. And it works like magic especially with the waiters in the crowded restaurant. Once in India my friend looked at me with awe when I gave the tips before the service, making it into chanjay, and when we got the VIP treatment from the waiter. I stood guilty of bribing, but then it was a chanjay as customary with us, the Bhutanese and tips provided before the service in other countries.

After all most of us leave some tips for the services that had been provided and some of us to show off or maintain the status, why not change the timing of giving and guarantee the best service and remove the doubt of whether he would be tipped or not.

The morality of whether giving tips and taking chanjay remains to be debated. When some service providers take it as their rights and starts demanding, that is the time we realize about the overhead charges and where we have gone wrong.

If only – everyone of us work like we would be tipped heavily OR as if we have been given a expensive chanjay.........................................................