Saturday, 9 April 2016

The Pandemonium of Thoughts

The science say that the earth is round and revolves around the sun. But many religion - does not say - but imply that the world is flat. And especially my religion – the Buddhism, which according to some is not a religion, imply strongly that the world is not only flat but in many different layers; where the inhabitants are born in different layers of the world according to their conduct in each layers; being born at the top most layer is considered the best(?) But some say that best place to be born is at the layer where we are today, in the realm of human beings. As this place is the only place where one can achieve enlightenment and be catapulted out of the cycle of rebirth and death.

There is a mention of mythical tree which grows across the two layers of world. The root being at one realm (lhamin) and the fruit bearing branches at the other (Lha yul). The elaborate narration and the visual picturization of the taste of the fruits and all the confusion that the tree causes between two world in the upper realm above us – can it be the imagination of some man or is it true? What would we do if we were blind? Probably believe the narration of the person who could see. That is exactly what we must be doing, believing the person who must have seen what we are unable to see. And people before us followed them and we are following the people who followed them.

The people who have seen - are Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Guru Nanak and so on. These people formed their own cult and followers. All of them teaching – in a nut shell – how to be a good human being, to be truthful, to love, to be generous, to have compassion and not to be greedy, evil and harming other beings. All of them spoke about the same thing of having hell and heaven, to proceed to after our time here on earth for the final judgement, weighing the merits and sins in the court where lying would be just futile (Plain truth can be seen in the golden mirror). How awesome?. Being born world apart in time and space can this be a coincidence? The common believe of having hell and heaven in all religions.
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It is when the leading followers amongst the followers incorporated rituals, other complicated teachings, norms and rules, it has become cumbersome for some. And some even turned the ideas totally back - 180 degrees (where harming and killing are okayed). Who does not want to go to better place, be it after death? But the only problem is that as blind as we are and placing the trust in the people who seemingly understood the one who had seen - are they showing the right path?

Heaven is up and hell is down. If that is so, where could they be, if the earth is hanging in the space and revolving around the the sun? But then it had been proved beyond doubt that the earth is roundish in shape and really hangs by the invisible force in the space by the pictures taken from the outer space. That is where the practical aspects and the spiritual aspects of our life comes in; the later one being intangible and depends on the sheer believe and faith of its followers.

As I look at the intricate design of Dharma wheel, which is round in shape depicting six realms of life. We are not able to see them due to the delusion of greed, hatred, lust, ignorance, jealousy, etc and the three main delusions being depicted by three animals in the center each holding on to other forming a chain. I get subdued in the enormity of my own ignorance and incomprehension of the different life forms in different realms and for not being able to see as deluded as I am. Therefore, only option for me is to follow the one who had understood the great being who had seen.

If our sun is star. There are zillions of stars in the sky. And there would be nine times zillions of planet. And at least zillions of earth like planet in the space. We the minuscule inconspicuous intelligent beings are not alone and we might have to broaden the tunnel through which we view.