Friday, 1 April 2016

Simple Formula for Happiness

Happiness is a state of mind where one feels at peace and feels good. Like all emotions that we human being are capable of emoting, it is temporary in nature. Long term happiness can, however, be achieved following few rules of life, ofcourse punctuated by other emotions but not with big fat period.

Having smaller box of greed. Just like a bucket - bigger the bucket harder it is to fill with water and take more time to fill it till the brim. Whereas the smaller buckets fills faster and when it gets filled you derive satisfaction and happiness. We must curb the greed and try to make the box of greed smaller so as to get it filled faster.

Knowledge of temporary nature of life. We are here but for a short duration and when our time is up we are not allowed to take anything. The collection of wealth that we leave behind causes feud amongst the ones who are inheriting it.

Patience and compassion. If whole world is filled with good people where would you show your patience and compassion. It is the ignorant and evil people that lets you show your qualities of walking away from the fight and showing compassion. Thanking their presence or coming across them would reduce your obstacles for happiness.

Detachment. Having attachment towards a thing or a people is the main cause of remorse when we lose it or gets ourselves separated. Practice Giving makes us lesser attached with material things. Once you don't mind losing your favorite cellphone thinking that it must be serving a good purpose to someone, you made it.

Believing in destiny. The believe in religion and destiny proves to be a great tension reliever. Whatever happens happen for a reason. If your name is written on the bullet you cannot run away from it. That's how people lose their life with gun shot during peace time, without even being on the battle field.

Watering the grass on our own side. Most of us are unhappy seeing the greener grass at the other side of the fence and the situation is made worse by flaunting of the seemingly  enjoyable life via the social media. Instead of thinking - if only ..... Whatever you have chosen and done is done so it would be better to nurture it without comparing with others.

Expectations. Expecting a gift and you don't get it, expecting appreciations, expecting promotions, etc and expecting as simple as a fine weather next day and when it does not happen - you know what?? Taking life as it comes without being ambitious, without expectations of any kind but at the same time putting in effort as if your life depends on your work, the life will come as you take it.

Lastly, I am posting this on April fool's day and follow it at your own risk. But if you do follow it, you would be a happier person and the world a better place. 😀😀😀😀😀

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