Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Is it Real?

On the deserted island covered with thick forest, the weather is hot and damp. You can almost feel the droplets of water smearing across your calf and shoulder as the leaves brush across your body as you are trying to find the path that is not there. You become anxious as you hear the noise of unknown beast just nearby. You try to run, to save your life from the unknown beast. The beast comes right behind you. The undergrowth opens up right before you to let you pass and the beast too for you are too scared to look back and face it. When you could run no more and when you you have crossed the breaking point, you give up and let the beast eat you up. Just then you open your eyes and thank god for being in the midst of the bad dreams and all the fear, anxiety and worries were not real.

The leaves were real. The water droplets were real. The island was real until the time you opened your eyes. Than what was real and what was not real? Isn't the dreams trying to show us something? In Buddhism we do refer to our life as – (mitse nilam Zum nang) life is like a dreams. How profound? If we really try to grasp the meaning of that sentence. The moment we close our eyes and stop breathing nothing matters. There would be no more pain, no more worries, no more anxiety. The wealth, the comfort, the love, the relationships nothing matters. Just like a bad dreams about the beast on a deserted island, you open your eyes elsewhere, perhaps thanking god for all the worries, anxieties and happiness felt on the earth – which you thought that it must be real and took the things too seriously – wasn't real at all.