Friday, 29 April 2016

Imminent Earthquake?

The recent article in national newspaper stating about the imminent earthquake in both English and Dzongkha language and spreading of news verbally as well as through wechat had cautioned people about it. What they do not know is that the fault lines had been running along Himalayas between the two plates and the movement of the plates is a natural phenomenon. 

The mountains and many other land features were formed due to this phenomenon. If we start panicking about these phenomena there are dangers of meteors hitting our planet, there are risk of earth losing its gravitational force, there are chances of earth shifting its poles, there are chances of changing axis of rotation which is at present at 66 1/2  degree. 

The dangers from all these natural geographical phenomenon happens at a geographical years and that is very long but yeah the incidental changes, if happens in our life time it is just too bad. There is a mythological mention of seven suns shining together in some religious text when the world comes to an end. That is not impossible considering that our sun is a star in the galaxy, there are millions of stats in the nebula. 

In the mean time some people caught on to the fears and seems to be doing brisk business of selling "earthquake proof photographs'. Kudos to the hype created through media in the process of making people prepared. 

People get themselves prepared with easiest means and what could be easier than pasting earthquake proof photograph on the walls and doors and start living a normal live? When it comes to facing forces beyond comprehension the mental peace does matter. 

Me too off to purchase earthquake proof photos. C ya.