Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The Ending and the Beginning

Before I realized, I have reached at the last page of the desk calendar, which flips backwards from a coil spring on the top showing the picture to the visitors and dates to me which I seldom care to look having so many digital things that shows the dates including the ever present mobile phones. It was when I was checking for the ‘Nilo’ holiday, that I was not able to find it in 2015 calendar. The year ended. And what did I achieve? Other than a few additional lines and sagging cheek signifying the sign of having gone through many such cycles of New Year nothing much had changed.

The bank of Bhutan was prompt enough to send through their calendar overlapping the year; through which I came to know about the holiday that I was looking for as it is a special event for the Bhutanese signifying the return of the sun – making the days become longer thereafter, providing me with more daylight to have a good leisurely workouts playing archery in the evening. In the absence of gym and other facilities like in other places, archery became a best exercise and almost a therapeutic game for me to relax working out (?) No other workout plan would burn the calories at the same time making you feel relaxed. 

The boxes enclosing the month would be stricken off one after another as if going for a ultimate goal, not realizing the approaching the exit tunnel bypassing which returning is difficult and no one had returned so far. Those who are in services feels glad that the month had ended as it is the time for their account to be credited with salary. Those who are not so lucky or unlucky, that depends as per one’s perception, and are doing business are normally sad for it is time for them to repay the credit that they might have taken from the financial institutions. Likewise, trying to meet the never ending ends meet, month after month the year would end.

I have incidentally began this article at the end of the year 2015, and saved it somewhere. And now, as you can see, I bumped into it and trying to complete it with different chain of thoughts, after already striking off January and February month. That’s how the time passes, without warning, without much noise, without waiting and without even leaving a foot prints.

But then the children grow, adults become old and the old, well, they just kick the bucket, freeing the world of congestion. Time cannot be bribed, otherwise no one would like to like to grow old and pass away. The hope, the desire, the greed makes everyone of us live as if we are not going to die till the last minute if not sick and bed ridden. The futility of it and the truth was seen by Buddha and that is where Buddhism comes in. And it would be a different topic to discuss all together….